Southland Review: Doubts & Fears

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The partners of Southland had to deal with doubts and fears this week,as the "Fallout" of their actions brought some closer together and tore others apart. This has been the season of new partners and just when I thought they'd found the perfect balance, they all seemed to lose their footing.

Sammy and Ben had been the most fun, up until last week. When Ben questioned Sammy's integrity, accusing him of planting evidence on a suspect, Sammy lost all respect for his new partner.

Lydia on the Job

Ben's done everything he could to apologize. He wanted to move forward but Sammy's idea of moving on was something different. They're partners in the car and on the streets but once the shift was done, so was that partnership. Ben's doubts destroyed Sammy's trust.

Even Crazy Carol, the knife wielding homeless women couldn't fix what was broken. I really thought Sammy would soften after that but I was wrong. I believe Sammy needs a break and these two will find their way back together given time but right now both sides are ticked off and licking their wounds.

Lydia's denial ran deep. How long can she hide this pregnancy from her superiors? I thought after last week's scare she would have come clean and dealt with desk duty for the sake of her baby. Clearly, I was wrong.

She even questioned if her partner ratted her out? The thought that her boss might be even mildly observant of Lydia's odd behavior never seemed to cross her mind.

But Ruben had her back. He was even giving her tips to keep her condition under the radar but he's right. At some point this pregnancy won't be hidden. How long until Lydia deals with reality?

The most shocking story of the night was Tang removing a tiny piece of orange plastic. She was obviously having a horrible day. Those divorce papers hit her hard and Cooper had her back. He was her rock the entire day... until she did the unthinkable.

Cooper didn't see her take the orange piece off the toy gun but it didn't take him long to realize that's exactly what she did. When he begged her to tell the truth, she shut him out and you saw stoic Officer Cooper begin to crumble.

He trusted Tang with his life but now he questioned her integrity. Tang's lies shook Cooper to his core and I was never so thankful than the moment I realized he'd called his sponsor. He's worked so damn hard to make it back. It would have been horrible to see him back slide for someone else's mistake.

Although I thought Tang made a stupid decision in a moment of panic, I truly felt for her. It's got to be hard as Hell to deal with shooting the wrong person. It must be even harder to live with when you know you've lied about the circumstances. This could just eat her alive. It's already doing just that to Cooper.

The foundations of these partnerships were shaken this week. Will Sammy forgive Ben? Will Lydia's secret affect her and Ruben and will Cooper and Tang ever be the same? What's your take on this week's Southland?

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