Switched at Birth Review: You Can't Go Home Again

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Daphne ran into some friends from her old neighborhood on tonight's Switched at Birth. Though she maintained that she was the same girl - same last name and everything! - the girls didn't take kindly to her change in zip code. As Monica so harshly put it in "Las Dos Fridas," This ain't the Wizard of Oz, you can't go home again.

While this is true in a literal sense, it also works as a metaphor. Yes, it can be weird to come home for the first time after being away at college, or go back to an old town you left behind, but it also applies to the fact that once we experience certain things, we can't go back to the person we used to be.

Meredith Baxter on Switched at Birth

The Vasquez and Kennish families can never go back to the way life was before they knew about the switch. But that's not a good or bad thing because life is just not that concrete. It's shades of gray.

As far as I'm concerned, that girl Monica was on the defensive the second she started talking to Daphne. She was looking to pick a fight with some Mission Hills rich bitch. But just because you go to Buckner, doesn't mean you're a snob. I sure don't think Daphne is!

Daphne never stopped liking or accepting her old friends because she moved. They assumed she changed and they wanted to judge her. Monica's whole defense was that just because she's from East Riverside, people are going to make assumptions about her or her life. Well... to me it looked like a lot of the judgment was coming from her side.

What about the golden rule? Treat others how you would want to be treated? That being said, Simone definitely fits the stereotype of a Mission Hills snot. And not a very smart one at that. Two more golden rules to remember in life:

  1. Never boss around your boyfriend because it's the fastest way to him resenting you and dumping your ass.
  2. If your watch is so precious or expensive, don't take it off and leave it in your school locker. DUH!

Another way the phrase "you can't go home again" applies is that you can't un-hear something. Bay may be able to forgive her grandmother over time for suddenly wanting to turn her back on the granddaughter she's known for 16 years, but I doubt she will ever forget the hurtful things she overheard.

When that conversation went down between Grandma Bonnie and Kathryn, I was really impressed with Kathryn's restraint. She handled the conversation with a fair amount of class. Perhaps she was just in shock and unsure how to respond. Maybe the textbook definition of family is to be DNA related, but in this day and age that's so far from being the only definition.

Kathryn and John raised Bay. Regina raised Daphne. Maybe they don't all share the same blood, but one thing that's always been made clear is this: they are family no matter what a blood test says. Sorry, Grandma Bonnie, but you are not invited to another tea date with this crew. Also, that was downright insulting to give Bay the cameo after Daphne returned it. Obviously you didn't want her to have it in the first place, so why would she readily accept it now?

Just because Bay isn't the best student doesn't make her an idiot and she deserved better than that. I enjoyed the moments with her and Regina this week. I also really missed Emmett! So what did everything think of this latest installment of Switched at Birth? Hit the comments!

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