Two and a Half Men Review: The Working Class and Aristocrat

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This week's Two and a Half Men episode was a pretty good one. I mean, who doesn't love a little bit of cat fighting, especially when two of our beloved female characters are at each other's throats?!?

We were treated to a tad bit of class warfare on "Sips, Sonnets and Sodomy," with Zoey in the right corner representing the 1%, and Lyndsey in the left corner sporting the colors of the working class. What really worked for me was seeing Zoey getting her hands dirty and being a little bitchy, a far cry from her normal prim and proper character.

Trapped on Valentine's Day

In life, everything is a competition, and “Sips, Sonnets & Sodomy” proved that no one is above rivalry. The most hysterical part of the episode was the moaning match between both parties; they both tried to outdo each other, and it was pretty funny to watch.

I called it last week, and Zoey totally backed me up here, referring to Nigel, her ex-husband, as “a total douche bag." At the end of the half hour, both Zoey and Lyndsey bonded over wine, their kids and the men on their lives. Zoey even asked her ex-enemy for advice on how to lock Walden down.

Another piece of comedic gem? Watching Alan and Walden trying to come up with mail-related sexual innuendos.

Side notes:

  • Alan has some serious mommy issues.
  • I would have loved to see this throw down between Chelsea and Lyndsey.
  • Does anyone read Chuck Lorre’s vanity cards? Those things are pretty hilarious.

Please head over to our Two and a Half Men quotes page for some of the best insults traded between Zoey and Lyndsey - and sound off in the comments what you thought of the episode.

Sips, Sonnets and Sodomy Review

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