Up All Night Review: Everybody Hates Flan

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After witnessing a fight between Ava and Kevin in their own living room, Reagan and Chris spent the "Day After Valentine's Day" trying to prove to each other that they hadn't lost that loving feeling.

While I thanked the heavens for Up All Night not being on cable - so we were spared a full frontal shot of Chris's junk - I thought the bedroom scene with him and Reagan was done to perfection. From Reagan asking if she could keep her shirt on while they had sex, to she and Chris returning to the exact same positions they were in before the "magic" happened, was just brilliant.

While it delivered many a laugh, the scene and their subsequent discussions about the status of their marriage served as a wake up call to viewers about the perils of falling out of love and into a routine. To remind us we were still watching a sitcom, though, and not a Lifetime movie, Reagan later recounted to Ava how Chris twice thumbed down on Pandora when a Dylan song came on. Genius. 

A Dramatic Couple

I just wished Chris didn't have to make the analogy to the Chinese food they were eating and their relationship. I think we all realized that the description of their their take-out as not too spicy and pretty good without being great was representative of their love life. I thought they could have given us viewers a little more credit that we would have put that together ourselves. 

What was nice was the more subtle reference to the grass-is-always-greener complex so many couples have when Kevin admitted he was envious of Chris and Reagan's solid and comfortable relationship, as opposed to the crazy and impulsive one he has with Ava.

Some of you may have thought the scenes with Julian went on a little too long, not unlike Reagan's kiss with Besos, but there was some good stuff there. His tattoo of the Chinese symbol for the letter "ah," vodka-filled water beds and him wanting to hear all about Ava's TV show, her boobies and her mind had me laughing. At first I thought he said "movies," but after rewinding I realized, nope he said boobies. Fair enough.

He also helped Ava realize how much she really missed Kevin and her showing up with the coffee filters got me in the same exact spot where John Cusack holding up the boom box in Say Anything did. I also liked how she stayed true to form by not knowing where the filters actually went.

Random things I liked about the episode:

The way Ava pronounced jalapenos, Kevin getting his shoe back from Chris (honestly, who throws a shoe?), Chris's Banksy reference and then caving on the cab driver's tip by only asking for a dollar back and last, but not least, Chris falling down the wall on the side of the road. I don't usually laugh out loud while watching TV by myself but that bit had me worrying if I woke the kids.

Overall another solid episode, especially for a holiday-themed one, which tend to be letdowns in my experience. As always, some very memorable quotes.  

Day After Valentine's Day Review

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Up All Night Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

Reagan: You don't cook, you never cook.
Ava: Not true, on my mom's hangover days I used to make her pancakes.

We cal ourselves the goddesses. We make the whole night about female empowerment and who can do the most guys. The record's one.