Up All Night Review: Never Say Never

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This week's Up All Night episode - "Travel Day" - was a departure from the caliber of sitcom I have come to expect from this cast. Even Chris's amazingly awkward, yet hilariously accurate, Michael Keaton impressions were not enough to help this week's installment arrive on time.

For the most part, this show has kept it real when it has focused on issues with which new parents find themselves faced. Tonight's snap decision to leave for a weekend away with a toddler, book ended by two five-hour flights, bordered on the absurd, though.

The show's success has been largely in part because of new parents ability to relate to Reagan and Chris's trials and tribulations. Packing alone for something like a wedding would have taken Reagan a long time for herself, I would have thought, let alone also packing for Amy. It's Hollywood, however, so let's say we ignored the plausibility there and focus on the rest of the episode.

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Moving on to the airport, apparently everyone who works there is an unsympathetic black woman. I did think the use of the security bin to change Amy was genius, though. I also could not help applauding Reagan when she earlier showed her defiance by undoing the lane dividers at the check in counter. I think most of us have wanted to do something similar at one time or another.

I just thought the overall portrayal of airport workers was a bit harsh. Having just a day ago traveled with two children myself, I encountered many a patient and sympathetic TSA employee and was very pleased with their operation on the whole. (Of course, I reserve the right to change this last sentence depending on how well my return flight on Monday goes.)

I thought the argument between Ava and Kevin was solid, highlighted of course by the scene where she called Reagan from the bathroom phone. Ava could get over Kevin's hatred of minibars but to so adamantly rule out remarrying was a bitter pill to swallow, so I was glad she voiced her opinions on the matter. 

I just had a hard time getting my arms around the whole wedding, and how Reagan and Chris were linked to Amanda and her fiance. It would have to be a pretty special friend of mine to make such a potentially brutal trip. I know Reagan and Chris made the trip largely in part to prove to themselves that they didn't give up stuff just because they had a child, but I never really got Reagan's connection to Amanda. 

It was clear why Ava was there, but without more clarification it seemed odd that Chris made a toast at the wedding. Maybe my DVR cut something off? 

While I absolutely loved his Keaton impressions and am not ashamed to admit I recognized Beetlejuice right away, I could not help but cringe when the Mr. Mom lines stunk up the room worse than a two-week old can of Schooner Tuna. Reagan's point about him not having her back was a valid one and the scene on the plane was a great follow up, but Reagan trying to have his back on the wedding toast seemed to stretch the point a bit thin.

This week's episode was not without it merit, I just felt like it reached a bit for its storyline which lacked authenticity and flow. I would also have liked a little "it's like rain on your wedding day," reference mixed in there, but I won't lose any sleep over Up All Night. Isn't that ironic? Don't yah think?

Either way, I'm sure the show will be back to platinum status next week. 

Travel Day Review

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