Up All Night Review: Oh Brother!

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On their tour of the Little Nudge Academy, Reagan worried aloud that she split the infinitive while complimenting the school's head of admissions.

While this construction is still the subject of disagreement among academics as to whether it is grammatically correct or good style, I can't imagine many people would disagree with my contention that this week's episode -  "Preschool Audition" - was yet another stellar installment for Up All Night.

Dean Winters on Upp All Night

For those of us who can't get enough Dean Winters in his Allstate Mayhem commercials, his guest role tonight as Casey Brinkley was nothing short of spectacular. Well, at least for me it was. That's my "stand."

From the moment Chris met him at the airport, the one-upping trump fest had me rolling. My favorite moments of which had to be when Casey told Chris he needed to upgrade to the Insanity Workout from P90X, followed by his claiming his bicep curls were "Marine Style" when Chris questioned his form. Casey mistaking the Baby Bjorn for some kind of kinky sex toy used by his brother and Reagan was also classic. 

Winters showed great chemistry with his on screen sister-in-law, Christina Applegate, while teasing Chris about his tween model photos, as well as in the more serious moments where he came clean about losing his job. While taking care of Amy and Ava must often make Reagan feel like she has two children, she showed how strong her Momma Bear mentality can be as she played referee to Chris and Casey's brotherly competitiveness and ultimately got them to be honest about their situations.

Like her costar's character, Maya Rudolph's Ava has mastered playing funny and sentimental in the same episode. The scene in her office where she fell victim to little Amy's disarming cuteness was a nice blend of the various emotions Rudolph commands, while the auction provided the stage on which we saw her act at out the extremes.

Her bid calling was as funny as we've seen her, while her closing comments to Reagan about the kind of school Amy belonged in showed us that she is neither oblivious to the superficial nature of the world she lives nor to the amazing woman and mother she calls her friend. You couldn't blame Reagan for being seduced by that Tempur-Pedic floor though, could you?

Missy once again made the most of her scenes highlighted by her reminiscing about her school days in Oakland. Don't walk up on me!

This show shouldn't be sneaking up on anyone anymore as it is a full-fledged hit. Even if I did disagree with Reagan when she critically told Ava "not every vehicle needs a drink!"

Like the last sentence, this episode was full of great quotes. What was your favorite? 

Preschool Audition Review

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Up All Night Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Reagan: It would just be nice if your relationship would mature past the push up contest.
Chris: He wins because his form is bad!

Commence promptly... way to not split the infinitive! Oh my god, did I just split the infinitive?