Alexandra Chando Speaks on Sutton, The Lying Game Season Finale

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It's the question on the minds of all Lying Game fans: Should Emma forgive Ethan?

“Right now it’s really hard for her, she has insecurities about Ethan and Sutton’s relationship," Alexandra Chando told me this week. "I think it was very honorable of him to tell her. I think it’ll be hard for her to fully forgive him.”

In Ethan’s defense, it takes two to tango, so Sutton is partially to blame for her and Ethan’s indiscretion. And that certainly isn't the only way in which the evil twin has put Emma through the ringer this season. So I had to ask Chando: does she think there is any good in Sutton?

“The only thing that justifies Emma’s relationship with Sutton is that they are sisters and it’s Emma’s only blood relative. Deep down she wishes something was there.”

That's understandable. If it weren’t for Sutton, Emma would still be living in the foster care system, devoid of all the people she nows loves and cares about, including the rest of the Mercer family.

Unfortunately, we all know it’s no paradise around the Mercer household these days. According to Chando, the Ted and Kristen situation will finally come to a head on Monday night's season finale. Will Kristen discover the love locket of Ted that Sutton found last week?

No comment in that regard from the actress, but she did echo co-star Blair Redford's assessment that the finale will feature a major bombshell.

“I think the audience thinks they know what the bombshell is going to be and I think they are going to be shocked when they see what it really is.”

On a show that serves up more surprises and drama each week, I can’t even imagine what we must be in for! Don’t forget to tune in to The Lying Game on Monday night and then return to TV Fanatic soon afterward for my review.

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