Archer Review: R.I.P. Nikolai Jackov

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Alright, who wants some chicken and waffles? I had some serious fears that "Crossing Over" was going to be yet another episode paying homage to The Hangover when Archer woke up with his first hangover, in, well, ever.

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Seriously, what could lead a professional functioning alcoholic to a hangover and perhaps the worst decision making ever? I mean, besides chugging directly from the jagger machine. I assume it must have been Pam's infamous Green Russians at the ISIS wake after party. Yeah, wake after party. That's not nearly as tactless as hitting on the widow, right?

Anyway. Luckily, the show avoided too long of a foray into the next day recollection as Woodhouse (where you been the last few episode, buddy?) quickly pointed Archer to the bathroom and his memory of just how big of a mistake he made. So how big was it? Well, about 150 gallons of company ink Sterling chose to dip his pen in.  Hey, at least Woodhouse didn't have to give up any heroin.

Only poor Archer had to give up any dignity and chance with a normal sex life after learning what a farm girl could do. Yeah, I'm also hoping that fact isn't relevant. Was anyone else impressed with just how far Pam pushed the envelope with her sexual imagery this week? Hands down best line was pushing rope for me. Might have to come into my regular vocabulary. But uh, you know, not for me.I mean when talking about other people.

Yet, of course for Archer to be a spy show, Sterling and Pam's adventures in the sack couldn't be the A story. For that, it was the return of the head KGB, or should I say former head, Nikolai Jackov, and new head and the return of the much needed Barry.

After building up Barry to be a super villain at the end of season two, the former ODIN agent has been notably absent this season. Every Awesome X needs his Killface, right?   Luckily it looks like he's back for a pretty serious master plan. Now, not what he saw tonight. Apparently this week was just a goof.

Luckily, a pretty entertaining goof. No, this wasn't the most amazing episode in the series' history, but it's definitely set things in place for what will hopefully be the next few episodes.  

There were plenty of pretty substantial developments aside from Barry's return. And that's in the form of the death of one of Archer's many potential fathers. And unfortunately one less answer as we'll never get do a daddy test after Barry's ridiculous plan.

Seriously, where did the dude possibly get a fork in a block of ice in that short of a time. Don't get me wrong, it's clever in execution. But between picking up and strangling Cheryl, where did he find time to stick one in that freezer? We know he didn't bring one in that track suit. No pockets. The one disadvantage.

Okay, before I get too nitpicky, I'm just going with some fun observations from the half hour:

  • Glad to know Burt Reynolds is still around and has hilariously relegate Malory to booty call. Miss that 'stache since the premiere.
  • That image of Pam eating waffles trying to squeeze one out? Forever ingrained in my brain. Not in the good way.
  • Oh Marmaduke.  Who couldn't love that big dog?
  • Is it just me or does Barry really rock the track suit? How could Cheryl resist?
  • Is anyone else tempted to set up their own elaborate voice mail prank?
  • Who do ou call to get ocelot piss out of your carpets? Coit?
  • Obacure reference of the week? Richie Havens.

And I hate to blend Church and TV Fanatic, but with the loss of the great Nikolai Jackov, one of Archer's many possible fathers, I'd like to leave everyone with a prayer:

Bloody mary,  blessed are you among cocktails.  Pray for me now in the hour of my death, which i hope is soon.  Amen.

Crossing Over Review

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