Archer Season Finale Review: Self Awareness in Space

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Archer ended its third season tonight with the conclusion to its two part episode, "Space Race. And, man, from the second Archer announced he left his light saber in his other space pants, you knew you were in for a solid ending.

Breaking Wu's Arms While Shouting Woo and the Ravages of Times
We meet up with the gang being shanghaied after attempting to stop Drake and company and Malory and the girls still on Intrepid. So, how will the crew possibly escape?

Pam in Space

Not to sound like a prude, but I have to feel like Lana stripping down to her space pasties was a little unnecessary. Haven't we seen enough of her half naked at this point to satisfy the biggest of Hentai fans? Yeah, I'm looking at you Krieger-Son.

Either way, I recognize they had to do something to get Lana and the gang out of the space brig. Just felt like they could have done better than the oldest prison trick in the book.

Anyways, the action and hilarity quickly picked up as they made a Star Wars escape down the hall. Only on Archer could you witness the gang arguing about Animal Farm and Lana's insecurity while under a constant barrage of fire.

Lana, we all get it. Trish, included. You're the prettiest girl to ever be nominated for Marsian Queen. Well, unless you count Cheryl...

Whorediot: The Marsian Queen
Meanwhile, back on the Intrepid, Malory uttered some of the best lines her character has ever given and put yet another phrase in my vocabulary. I'll be able to use it... name a place. Okay, I'll do better next time. Come back to me.

Granted, it was a somewhat anti-climatic ending, but really I'm glad it was Pam that got to take down Commander Drake. You know, while Cyril manages to kill the one remaining man that could drive them back. Their unicorn.

But glad things didn't just end there when Pam just had to ask the worst possible question. How could it get any worse?  Cue Barry in his Star Wars entrance...

A Place Called "To Kill Barry"
Seriously, who built that door? Space dwarves? What could possibly cyborg Barry short of adamantium?  

Barry and Other Barry were some of my favorite side characters at the show's start. He's been a little hit or miss since granted his super powers. But this week? He was on.  

I loved listening to his bickering with Katya over the phone as they argued killing Archer and furniture shopping. But Barry's highlight was once he arrived and challenged Archer to a Space-bot vs. Cyborg challenge.  

As much as it would have been epic to watch the battle, I'm glad Archer had his moment of self-awareness in space. The guys continues to show just a hint of development each season.

But then quickly rest assures us that it's only temporary as wrecked Cyril's one attempt to be competent in the field.

Other random observations and favorite Archer jokes:

  • My tongue says sangria by my heart says michelada. Anyone ever actually had a michelada before? Yeah, it involves beer and clamato. 'Nuff said.
  • Poor Krieger. Even hologram mother-in-laws are always judging.
  • It's like a vagina with a zipper.
  • No man can judge me. Well, you say that now...
  • With your looks, maybe bitchy isn't the way to go. Loving the catty side of Lana.
  • Hello, is this air boats? Yeah, hi, it's me space bot. What about air boats' ego?
  • This week was loaded with subtle references to Star Wars and even X-Men, but I'll have to give it to the Animal Farm debate.
  • Will we ever see Barry again? Will Ray recover from his second crippling injury?

Space Race, Part II Review

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I left my lightsaber in my other space pants.


It's like a vagina with a zipper.