Castle Round Table: "Once Upon a Crime"

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With fairy tale characters dropping like flies it simply wasn't safe to go walking through the woods on Castle last Monday.

But the loft was full of even more dangers, as Martha retold her son's history in her one woman play. Join TV Fanatic staffers Chandel Charles, Courtney Morrison, Jim Garner and Christine Orlando now as they relive the fun with our "Once Upon a Crime" Castle Round Table.


What was your favorite scene?

Chandel:  Probably the part when Beckett was counseling Castle that he shouldn't be so critical of his mother's one-woman show, nor of the fact she took some creative licenses with it because Castle has been doing something similar to Kate for a long time.

Courtney: It's a little cliche, but I am going with Castle realizing the bow was tied incorrectly. This is what makes Castle an asset and I love the moment when he changes the path of the investigation. It's the little things that most people do not notice.

Jim: Castle commenting on how Beckett was cute when she was angry... but not with him. I love any moments we get where they can show affection.

Christine: The last scene at the loft. It's such a warm, cozy, family moment. So sweet one moment and then we get great Martha humor the next. When Kate grabbed Rick's hand in that moment of empathy and affection I was simply giddy.

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Is Martha a Caskett shipper?

Chandel:  I think she's been a shipper for a really long time. I only questioned it when she tried to hook Castle up with that insurance agent, but I think that was just a blip on her radar.

Courtney: Absolutely! She's had the conversation with him a few times and wants her son to be happy. I don't think there is anyone left at the precinct or in Rick's family who has not jumped on board the Caskett bandwagon.

Jim: I think so, this is not the first time she has invited Beckett without telling Castle. And she did a private encore performance just for them. That has to speak volumes for her support of them.

Christine: I love Martha. She's always liked Kate and she knows how her son feels about her. Plus she's not against giving the two of them a nudge when she can. Telling Castle to "make a date of it" made me smile. Martha's a lot of things but subtle isn't one of them.

Was this a fun, filler episode or was it foreshadowing for the finale?

Chandel:  I think there was a single moment that foreshadowed something ahead, i.e. the discussion about secrets exploding. I couldn't figure out why there would be a scene where there was a couple fighting so explosively, I don't wonder if something similar won't happen to them once Beckett finds out about Castle's secret contact.

Courtney:  A little bit of both. It was old school Castle formula. A weekly case that doesn't spill over to the next episode, but a few small moments in the hour can. The case was entertaining, but the foreshadowing came with the two talking about secrets. There are a few that could spill out; Beckett admitting she heard Castle say I love you and Rick admitting he has been working on her mother's case. Things are bound to get interesting.

Jim: It really felt like Marlowe's way of giving a nod to Once Upon A Time. It was totally a filler episode, but it was a good one none the less!

Christine: I think the mention of secrets exploding was definitely some foreshadowing for what's to come in the final few episodes.

What was creepier, the dead fairy tale characters, the crazy doll collector, or the murderer's confession?

Chandel:  That's a really difficult question to answer because I didn't find any of them particularly creepy. Sinister, perhaps, but not creepy. In that case, all three apply. I did feel bad for the old lady with the dolls though. That was just sad.

Courtney: The crazy doll collector, hands down. I actually thought the fairy tale angle was fun and although the murder's confession was creepy, a room full of dolls wins every time.

Jim: Crazy doll lady was so very very very creepy. [shudder] I'm with Ryan, after seeing Chucky as a teenager, I can't be around creepy dolls, especially *that many* creepy dolls.

Christine: Although the murderer's confession was chillingly cold, those dolls will give me nightmares. I saw the original Poltergeist very young and it turned me off dolls and clowns forever. Plus Ryan was so darn cute in that scene I just wanted to give him a hug.

C. Orlando is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow her on Twitter.

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