Jessica Paré Talks Mad Men Season 5, "Zou Bisou Bisou" and Carpet Sex

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Heading into the season five premiere of Mad Men, it wasn't clear what role Jessica Paré would play. Would Megan and Don still be engaged? Married? Broken up?

It didn't take long, however, for fans to receive an answer: Megan is now Mrs. Don Draper, a role that was at the center of the show's two-hour return episode.

"Obviously there will be some friction" between the couple, the actress told reporters on a conference call today, adding that the seeds are "well-sown in the first episode."

That's for sure. Megan went to lengths Betty would have never entertained, throwing her husband a surprise 40th birthday party and serenading him - in front of others! - with the version of "Zou Bisou Bisou" that's currently blowing up the Internet.

"She has more light to her than most of the characters, while there's a lot of sarcasm and darkness in [Don], " said an excited, humble Paré, assuring listeners of more conflict to come in that department.

And about that take on "Zou Bisou Bisou?" Paré said it was a "gusty move" for Megan and laughed over whether she could pull off such a gesture herself.

Of course, Don reacted to the song by growing angry, snarling over his preference to never celebrate his birthday and to remain removed from the center of attention. How did Megan eventually conquer a divide that found her leaving work early at one point?

By cleaning the carpet in her lingerie, of course, regaining the "upper hand" in a sexual sense, Paré said, responding to a question about the closing makeup intercourse scene with:

"Is there any problem that can't be solved that way?"

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