Justified Round Table: "The Man Behind the Curtain"

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Justified fans got to know Robert Quarles a lot better on "The Man Behind the Curtain," as the background and motivations of this relocated Detroit mobster came into focus.

In this edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table, staff members Dan Forcella and Jim Garner are joined by Tiffany Vogt of TVAddict.com to break down all the action...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Dan: Had to be Raylan figuring out a way to talk to Sammy Tonin in private, and then smacking him upside the head for trying to hide behind his daddy's rep.

Jim: Boyd's visit to Limehouse. These two are unlikely allies, so seeing them on the same side is always tense at best. The comment about being an "upset customer" was great!

Tiffany: How easily Raylan was able to tap dance around the FBI agents when he, Tim and Art were in the hot seat in the conference room being grilled about why they were stepping all over the FBI's investigation. It was smart and a good reminder why Raylan is good at his job, beyond just being quick with a gun. Raylan has the intelligence to back up the badge. Very cool.

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What was the most important thing you learned about Robert Quarles?
Dan: That he thought he was going to be the heir to the Detroit mob throne, but instead he got treated like the red-headed step child. He certainly is taking those frustrations out on the people of Kentucky.

Jim: He doesn't rattle easily. Raylan pushed a lot of buttons between killing his funding and seizing the house, and he didn't freak, he just planned to resolve it.

Tiffany: Quarles is a "straw man;" i.e. He can be burnt and pushed over pretty easily. He does not have cash resources to really be the bad-ass criminal that he thinks he is. One good huff-and-puff and Raylan certainly did blow his house down. Raylan not only cut off Quarles' money supply from his brokers up North, but he managed to shut down Quarles homebase and put him in a very precarious position. Unfortunately, that also makes Quarles more dangerous because he has nothing to lose.

Now that Raylan's living above a bar, what happens first: he gets into a fight with a patron? Or he hooks up with a bartender?
Dan: He's getting into a good old fashion bar brawl very soon. He is going to tick somebody off something fierce, and get into it with some drunkards. I can't wait!

Jim: How about getting into a fight with a patron who is harassing the bartender and she "rewards" him for coming to her rescue? Seriously, does the US Marshall service pay that badly that he can't find a frakking apartment to rent? First, a run down motel and now a room above a bar? Really?!?

Tiffany: Raylan is a lover and a fighter, but for now, he is a man-on-the-edge and that means he is more likely to strike out in anger than to search for a new love - or even a one night stand. He's going to be gun shy of women after the break-up with Winona.

Who has the upper hand on crime in Harlan: Boyd? Quarles? Or Limehouse?
Dan: I want to say Boyd, but I think the answer is Limehouse. He is always so calm, cool and collected when we see him, so it seems as if he knows exactly what he's doing. If he takes a fall at some point, it will be because something crazy went down, not because he lost control.

Jim: Your guess is as good as mine. But my money is on Limehouse. He's been at this a long time and knows how to stay out of the Limelight, as it were (see what I did there?).

Tiffany: Limehouse definitely has his finger on the pulse of what's going on in Harlan. He is also fully entrenched, which works to his advantage. He has been running his operation in Harlan for decades. Whereas Boyd and Quarles are still trying to get a foothold, which leaves them in the weaker, less establish positions. So Limenhouse has the upper-hand... for now. That could change once Boyd gets more money in his pocket and solidifies his power base.

If you were Gary, would you have taken Raylan's advice and left the country or started your own self-help seminars?
Dan: I would have started my own self-help seminars... but in another country. Get out of dodge, Gary! So dumb.

Jim: Gary is clearly a few sandwiches short of a picnic. First, he only went as far as Tulsa. Second, he stayed in the Real Estate business. Third, he only went as far as Tulsa! If I had been Gary, I would have headed for Seattle and gotten a job where nobody could find me.

Tiffany: This is a no-brainer. If some really bad people have you on a hit list, you would have to be insane not to leave the country. 

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