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Last we saw ex CIA agent Becca Winstone, she was plunging in the Seine river after taking a bullet. In "The Hard Drive" Missing picks up exactly as it left off with Becca and the photos floating underwater.

Just a logistical question here: when Becca does resurface and she grabs the photos, they are seemingly intact. How is that possible? Wouldn't they be soaked and blurred? Some setups are just a little too perfect.

Becca Breaks Down

Another perfect thing that I bring into question is the level of Becca's skills. For someone who has been retired from the CIA for 10 years, how can she still kick ass like that? I asked last week and I'm asking again because I'm still waiting to get some answers.

One thing we now know, is that before Becca retired she made arrangements in certain cases. For instance, she arranged to protect a man referred to as Hard Drive despite the fact that he committed a crime. Why? Because in that world everyone is committing some sort of crime in the line of duty. When push comes to shove, Hard Drive was an asset against the man Becca really wanted to take down, Antoine Lussier.

Lussier - as the head of French Intelligence - gave off a scummy vibe from the second we met him. It was obvious he wasn't going to help Becca, so their deal was really a moot point. It's also obvious that Agent Miller's deal with him is a sham, as Miller recognizes Lussier's shady traits. I think that depicting Agent Miller as a family man helped make the connection for viewers as to why he would go against protocol to help Becca. Family is essential. 

Sylvie was another instrument in showing us just how much family can affect a job as a CIA agent. Sylvie was horrified to see Becca, but once Becca mentioned that her son had been kidnapped, Sylvie softened. Becca was wrong when told Hard Drive, "There are no friends in our world." See more in our Missing quotes section. 

I disagree with Giancarlo that to find Michael, Becca had to treat him like any other missing person. Becca has an advantage as his mother because she has knowledge that no one else possesses. When Lussier tried to exchange faux Michael for Hard Drive on the bridge, who else but Becca would know that Michael has a slight shift in his walk from a skateboarding accident?

In addition, there was the "I love you" code that Michael etched onto the wall in last week's episode. I wish we could see more of what is going on with him. Obviously he is kidnapped and Becca is looking for him, but it would be really interesting to see things from the other side. What does Michael know? What is happening to him? Does he know Becca was in the CIA?

While it's frustrating to have so many questions, I do feel that we are learning a bit about Becca as we go on. A good show must be able to balance the questions it leaves viewers with and the answers it later provides. When it seems like all you're getting is cliffhangers, it's hard not to say screw it. Fortunately I think Missing has done a good job with this in it's first two episdoes. 

The last scene with Becca and Michael screaming for each other on the runway gave me goosebumps. He is alive, she has seen him. If that doesn't intensify the search, I'm not sure what does. What did you all think of the second episode of Missing?

The Hard Drive Review

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Missing Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Antoine: I don't make deals with people who have tried to kill me.
Becca: Antoine if I had tried to kill you you'd be dead.

This life, the life you once led, it's not for children.