One Tree Hill Round Table: "Every Breath Is A Bomb"

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There are only four episodes remaining in the history of One Tree Hill!  We reviewed Wednesday’s episode in full last week, and now it is time to dig deeper into "Every Breath is a Bomb."

Our panel of Miranda Wicker, Nick McHatton and Dan Forcella are back to discuss Chuck coming to Chase’s rescue, Clay’s daddy issue, and more in the most recent installment of the One Tree Hill Round Table.

Read their answers below, and then give your own in the comments!


What was your favorite moment from the episode?

Miranda: My favorite moment this episode was Haley in the bar with the drug dealer. Her idea was totally better than Dan's. She's always been a character who is very straight-laced but she knows how to get her hands dirty when she has to. I'm also glad Dan didn't let her stay while he worked the drug dealer over.

Nick: Mouth and Skills having fun together. They were the bright spots in a rather dark episode. 

Dan: I loved when Chuck came to Chase's defense. It takes a whole lot of guts to turn on your own father, but I'm so glad that the kid did.  I definitely shed a few when he came to the rescue.

Are you pleased with the resolution to the Chase/Chuck story?

Miranda: Overall, yes. I'm glad Chris Keller stepped up and helped Chuck and Chuck's mom file the report that saved Chase. While I think it's slightly unrealistic that Chase will see no jail time for what was a really brutal beating, with only four episodes left, I'm glad we're not spending time dragging the story out. 

Nick: Yeah, I am. Chase has been feeling a little bit left out from Chuck's life since all of these new men have been brought into his life. While I think it's unfortunate Chuck had to be abused by his father, I'm glad Chris Keller stepped up to the responsible adult plate to help rectify things for Chase, and make him look a little like a hero.

Dan: Yeah, as noted in the first question, this was my favorite part of the episode.  Chase and Chuck has been my favorite relationship of the past two seasons, and to see Chris Keller have some part in the resolution was just an added bonus.

Were you glad when Logan said no to Clay?

Miranda:  I wasn't glad, but I was glad the writers had Logan give a very child-like reaction. I'm glad they're not wrapping this story up with the same neat, little bow they used for Chase's story. And really, they shouldn't try to wrap this up so that they all live happily ever after. I'd be happy if the show ended with just the promise of Clay and Logan working things out instead of everything all tidied up because it would be more genuine and true to life somehow. (As a side note, is it just me, or is that kid getting more tan than one of the tots on Toddlers and Tiaras by the episode? And his hair? Just let him look normal and he'd still be passable as Clay's child!)

Nick: Yes and no. While I like happy endings I wasn't sure how it was going to go down with Clay and Logan. They've been pretty good buddies, and Logan seemed to miss Clay whenever he wasn't around so I thought there was a good chance Logan would be okay with it. But I'm also not surprised he said no, like Miranda said this is something a child would do, and I can't blame him. Clay is a completely different person to him when going from friend to father context.

Dan: Yeah I was definitely glad.  Like Miranda, the writing was key here.  It would have been way too simple for Logan just to accept this fate.  This way there is still some conflict for Clay heading down the final stretch.

What is Xavier going to do with the baby?

Miranda: Brooke and Julian's poor kids! First one gets left in a vehicle and now this one's being held by some creepy scumbag in the middle of the night! I am really, really hoping their baby monitor is some high-tech kind that records instead of just displays and they'll have the video footage to bust him for breaking and entering. But that's probably a pipe dream. I have no idea what Xavier might do with the baby, but it will probably send him back to jail. Just leave Baby Baker unharmed, please.

Nick: Ugh, why can't he go away? This is the worst possible story they could do to Brooke in this final season. I hope he dies violently after he puts the baby back in his crib.

Dan: Brooke and Julian will walk into the room, and Xavier will put the baby down, claiming he did nothing wrong.  He has just as much right to hold that baby as anyone else.  No?  No it is completely wrong!  And illegal!  The question is whether or not he can spin it to his parole officer.

Dan Forcella is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow him on Twitter.

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