One Tree Hill Round Table: "Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will"

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We reviewed every pulse pounding moment of “Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will” last Wednesday.  After taking a sneak peek at next week’s One Tree Hill, relive Dan Scott’s heroic adventure and the troubles of Brooke Davis in this week’s Round Table.

The One Tree Hill series finale spoilers are out, but our panel of Miranda Wicker, Brian Shure and Nick McHatton want to take a look back before moving forward.  Read their answers to the questions below, and then chime in with your own in the comments!


What was your favorite moment from the episode?

Miranda:  It's a toss-up for me between the witty one-liners Dan, Julian, and Chris Keller swapped in the sound stage and Clay talking to Sarah about Logan. The comedy of the guys balanced out all the gunfire later in the episode and Clay's monologue was a nice way to show him dealing with his issues and hoping to find a way to have Logan back in his life. I did, however, tune out when he started asking the ghost of his dead wife to bring Nathan back. That was completely eye roll-inducing.

Brian: Every scene Dan was in, the planning of the rescue, Julian freaking out about going to jail, Chris Keller accidentally joining the team. But the one moment that defined the episode was when Nathan says "Dad, it's good to see you". Dan saves the day, and takes the bullet for Nate. I think he finally gets the redemption he desperately was seeking. Not to brag, but I basically called this several weeks ago.

Nick: Dan Scott saving the day! Plus, the odd couple that was Julian and Chris Keller, who, in their own way also helped Dan Scott save Nathan.

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If that was the last we saw of Dan Scott, how will you remember him?

Miranda: I'll remember him as a man with his own agenda. Even in saving Nathan, his agenda is still about repairing his relationship with his son, which benefits Dan more than it does Nathan. (I mean, the saving Nathan clearly benefits Nathan, but a relationship with Daddy Dearest may not.) Dan has always had his own best interests at heart, even if those interests were less self-serving at some times than at others.

Brian: In the end, he will be remembered for finally becoming a changed man. This does not let him off the hook for all the terrible things he has done, but it certainly redeems him as a flawed character who hit rock bottom and found a way to make things right for his family.

Nick: I would remember him as an incredibly evil man who stopped at nothing to get what he wanted. He was a master manipulator. However, there were bright spots to him, mostly that some of the things he did later in life he did for his family. His relationship with Jamie was rather adorable, and he did eventually pay back a few of his mistakes by saving Nathan.

Are you angry at, or proud of, Julian for taking the risk to come back and save Nathan?

Miranda: Both?? I really hoped he'd be worried about Brooke after the phone call and go to the cafe to escort her home and then find her in the parking garage and rescue her by shooting Xavier or something like that instead of that role going to Tara. That's what SHOULD have happened. But I'm glad he was there to bash Bad Cop in the back of the head when Nathan lowered the gun (!!!). (WHY did Nathan lower the gun? He knew the cop was bad!?)

Brian: Although extremely dangerous, I was proud. Him and Dan had been teaming up for weeks, he wasn't gonna just bail at the last possible second. They both were able to overcome some of their parenting issues with this plot, I'm glad Julian decided he needed to finish the job.

Nick: It certainly makes up for him not saving Brooke. I thought for sure he was going to be the one to save her, but I'm glad he was able to save Nathan. 

What did you hate most about Brooke's story this week?

Miranda: he fact that he wanted to rape her when that wasn't his motivation the first time he beat her up and doesn't seem to be his game plan at all? The fact that I'm 99% sure he was holding the knife with the blade facing his own throat instead of hers and no one on the set caught the oops? The fact that Tara rescued her and then they quasi-bonded over coffee? All of it because I've hated the reintroduction of Xavier from the get-go?

Brian: Hmm .. probably that she was alone at night by herself the whole time. First by herself in the diner, then alone in a parking garage, I mean c'mon. She knows this guy is lurking everywhere she goes, Brooke was basically asking for what she got. 

Nick: That Tree Hill all of a sudden has a parking garage. Everyone on this show has parked on the street since the beginning and now, all of sudden, there's some random parking garage? Really? For all that running she did in that garage she never got anywhere near her car either. Xavier's reintroduction has been incredibly stupid, so I'm glad this finally resolved it.

What are you expecting the Naley reunion to be next week?

Miranda: Emotional. Definitely emotional. And probably sappy like the ice-cream voiceover. But what else could it really be, you know? It's not like he'd come walking in the door and say "Honey, I'm home" and she'd go "Oh, cool. Dinner's in the fridge."

Brian: Expecting an emotional, show-defining moment from the relationship we've witnessed for 9 seasons. Since I was a little disappointed by the voiceover a few weeks ago, I'm expecting the writers to break out the big guns for this one.

Nick: Tears. Lots of tears, and some really cheesy line that could only work between the two of them.

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