And the Project Runway All-Stars Winner Is...

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It's been a long season but we've finally made it to the Project Runway All Stars "Finale Part 2

After last week's major meltdown, Mondo seems in much better spirits. He even jokes with Austin, asking: "Does Liza Minelli know you went through her wardrobe?"

Austin, the diva that he is, takes it all in stride by comparing his excitement on the big day to having a "fashion orgasm."

Final All-Stars

There are actually minimal missteps before the big show and Joanna's there to talk them through it. Austin's trying to hide some pins still in his gown while Michael has to take six inches off of one dress due to an improper last minute fitting. Joanna even rolls a lint brush over Mondo so he looks his best.

The two big guest judges are iconic fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger and the fashion director for Neiman Marcus, Ken Downing.

Each designer gets to tell the inspiration or story for their line before it hits the runway. Austin's is about a 100-year old vampire living in Brooklyn and stealing stylish pieces from the Hasidic jewish community. 

I certainly didn't see that one coming. I've never seen anyone in the Hasidic community wearing fuschia, but at least it explains the hair styles Austin's created. We'll just have to go with.

After his ouster back in season one just before the big runway show, Austin finally gets to show his line. Overall, I really like it. It's classic Austin Scarlett. I agree with the judges that it is glamour with a youthful appeal. Of course, I can't imagine anyone wearing those pants but the rest of the line, from the lacquered lace dress to the wedding gown are all beautiful.

But the judges bicker about the line's cohesiveness. Should he have included the wedding dress? Isaac thinks it looks like a designer's best of collection instead of one line. Is that really so bad?

Mondo's up next and what's with all of the big, poofy, 1980's style hair? I hate the pants suit but of course the judges swoon over it. Overall, I like the dresses, especially that ink blot dress and the long flowing one with the red applique. The entire line has Mondo's point of view all over it.

Isaac says his choice of fabrics shows wit and Tommy thinks it's the 1960s meets the 1980s. Ken says that in certain cases Mondo lacks restraint, like with the oversize pockets and buttons, but Tommy proclaims him a true artist.

On to Michael, who has a safari theme. I normally am not a fan of animal prints but Michael's choices are inspired. Tommy thinks he could put these in a store and sell them tomorrow but Isaac says his mix of prints could have been more interesting. The judges argue about whether Michael's looks are too commercial.

Wait, that means that people will buy them, right? Is it really a bad thing?

The boys get sent to the back room while the judges hash it out. I give Michael extra points for his "May the force be with you" toast.

When they're called back we find out that the two losers second runners up will win a five-star trip to Paris. Not a bad place to lick those designer wounds.

And the winner is... Mondo. It's not really a shock. The judges have loved Mondo for most of the season and he was robbed of a win the last time he was on the show. 

I know Mondo won the big prize but I can't imagine that Austin and Michael won't be getting phone calls from somebody tomorrow. Their clothes were gorgeous and the judges seem to agree that both designers could easily sell their wares to the masses. That has to count for something.

So... until later this summer when the regular Project Runway returns, with the regular cast (thank goodness!), we'll have to say Auf Wiedersehen for now.


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Mondo deserved it on his first round, so glad he got it here.
Isn't Austin Scarlet already working as a wedding dress designer? I could have sworn I've seen an episode of "Say Yes to the Dress" where someone wanted his designs.


Oh, I so wanted to buy most of Austin's stuff! Except those pink pants, they'd make any girl feel concious about her butt! The red carpet dress wasn't my cup of tea, but I'd buy it for my sister, since it'd fit her perfectly. As for Mr Costello... Quite frankly, I'd buy everything, hands down. It was so wearable! Though, for a show like this, I think it was boring and too commercial. So Austin beat him when it came to excitment. Mondo... He's talented, for sure, but I feel like it's appropriate for very, very young women and most of those don't have the money to buy it. Exciting, for sure. Though I would have preferred him winning his season and Austin finally getting what he deserved in All Stars. Overall though, I'm surprised at who they chose for all stars. I mean, where's Kara Saun, Uli and Daniel V?? And I've never missed Heidi more. Angela was dull. The jury overall lacked originality and true critical eyes, much too positive and nice. It was a competition after all! And Tim Gunn... Come back, you wonderful man!!! I had to rewatch some of the old seasons after All stars, cause they gave me a need for a true Tim Gunn fix.
Greetings from Sweden!


Mondo's collection was amazing! I can see myself wearing 5 out of the six pieces and that's only because the skirt was too short for me. I really liked Austin's and Michael's collections but I absolutely Loved Mondo's! I think that he definitely deserved to win! I agree that Mondo was a whiny baby this time around but nobody's perfect!


Mondo really deserved to win this time too. He definitely had the best collection!


Mondo should have won last season and I'm thrilled that he won this competition. We are all waiting for his line to hit Neiman Marcus! I am hoping he'll give us the color block and prints that only he can do so well. They are absolutely fabulous!


MONDO WON!!!! Congratulations, Diva! I loved that "squared" dress with the various patterns, and it could work either way with a slightly cinched waist as Mizrahi suggested, but there's something about the boxiness of it with heels that I would totally rock the sh#% out of and I am a curvacious woman 36-28-40. How's that? I also loved his blackflag dress. Mondo, you can design for me any day! YOU DESERVED TO WIN!!!! If whining is your way of channeling your creativity, then whine your heart out, but not around others. Come out of your dungeon later and sew your azz off.


Mondo deserved it the first time around, he killed it on the finale!!!


I liked Mondo on his first season and agree he was robbed but he was so whiny this time around it was hard to root for him. I liked Austin's stuff better but all three were better than most regular season. I guess that's why they're all stars.

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