Switched at Birth Review: To Tell or Not To Tell

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Birthdays on Switched at Birth have always created a big stir, hence my high expectations for "The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters," an episode that featured Daphne and Bay plan an unusual but totally fun celebration. The only hitch was the guilt that was weighing on Emmett's shoulders about cheating on Bay with Simone.

Last week's episode ended with Simone and Emmett making a huge mistake out of desperation and anger. The big question was whether or not they would stop before it went too far.

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Judging by Emmett's early morning escape, it looks like the two gave into their passions. You could tell something was up the second Simone opened her door with the sex hair. Any time someone is surprised at their door the reaction is very telling.

None of us heard the shower running, but she obviously knew Daphne couldn't hear that. Plus, she kept the door partially closed, ready to snap it shut it at any minute. I know I've expressed my disdain for Simone, but no matter who it was it would've looked suspicious.

Lucky for Simone, Daphne didn't seem to suspect anything and went on her merry way. Bay was a little put off by how quickly Emmett was ready to put their fight behind them, but she accepted his apology. Honestly Emmett's temper is so hot and cold it's hard to decide which of his tantrums to take seriously. 

Meanwhile, Toby thought he was in the wrong and even claimed he was on probation. The second Wilkie said he heard Toby was at the game, I got a little curious. It turns out that he had heard Simone had someone in her room after the game. If Wilkie heard murmurs about Simone heating things up in her hotel room, it's only a matter of time before Toby and Bay hear it as well.

All I know is that when you are trying to hide a secret like that, you just don't leave your phone hanging around. And if you do, then you better make sure that piece is password protected! Hello, that's just common sense in this technological day and age. 

I'm surprised Emmett ended up confiding it Melody. She had a very good point, though, and it happens to be something I've spoken about with people in real life. When an indiscretion occurs in a relationship, do you confess?

Most people would probably automatically say yes, you have to tell. Others will disagree that if it was a one time mistake and it was early on in the relationship, then why put your hurt on the other party? Should your partner have to live with hearing what you did behind his/her back or should you have to live with the guilt?

I think honesty is always the best policy. If I were Bay, I wouldn't want to date someone who would go sleep with my enemy behind my back just because we had a big fight. That's not commitment. Also, she and Emmett have never even had sex, but he went ahead and slept with Simone. I think it's only a matter of time before this secret comes out.

Also, I have to note that whenever I see someone have those brief heart-pounding flashbacks to an affair, I will always think of Carrie and Big on Sex and the City. It's a very well done way to show the way guilt can weigh on someone and seep into their thoughts. 

It turns out Bay and Toby weren't the only Kennishes who might have been betrayed. We've seen the flirtations and heard there were rumors, but Kathryn never spoke so candidly about John and Sara Lazar as she did tonight. I liked seeing her confide in Regina. 

So do you think that John did have an affair? He shared a pretty personal piece of information. Should Emmett and Simone confess? Does Daphne have a future as a filmmaker?

The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters Review

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