The Good Wife Round Table: "Long Way Home"

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The most recent episode of The Good Wife featured financial trouble, accusations of racism, a pregnancy and the topic of... contraceptive fraud.

What did our Round Table team of Carissa Pavlica and Christine Orlando make of "Long Way Home?" Which storylines and scenes stand out? Read on for our weekly Q&A discussion and jump in with your opinion below.


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: Gotta be the back and forth between the judge, the opposite counsel and David Lee. I assume this was the first time in television history where a man's..."property" was debated as either misappropriated or abandoned.

Carissa: My favorite scene involved Cary when he manned up and told Peter he was in on all the sexcapades at the office. His character has grown beautifully and I'm so proud of him.

Christine: I loved that scene, too, Carissa but my favorite was the conversation between Will and Alicia about whether she could use perjured testimony to save Sweeney if she didn't know it was perjury when it was given. I found the whole hypothetical debate fascinating.

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Were you surprised by Caitlin's departure? Will you miss her?
Matt: Yes and yes. We've been trained to expect office politics and machinations, just as Alicia did. But just a regular departure? Due to a non-underhanded reason such as pregnancy? Wow. I'll absolutely miss Anna Camp, but she's teaming with Mindy Kaling on a new pilot, so I won't need to miss her for long.

Carissa: Actually, I really was surprised. I loved her reasoning, however. She doesn't have to explain herself to anybody, just do what is right for her. Right on! I will miss her.

Christine: Yes. I really thought they'd have more of a story arc for her but I did like her response to Alicia and Diane. She likes the law but she has nothing to prove. Right now, she wants to be a full time mom and that's okay.

Should Alicia buy back her old home, buy her new apartment or move on to some place entirely new?
Matt: Before answering, can I stop and give props to Julianna Marguiles in that closing scene? Truly moving stuff, without a word being uttered. And it does also give me a response: no, Alicia wouldn't be able to handle a return to her old house, nor is such a large space needed with no more kids on the way and Zach and Grace both growing up. Would the latter even use that swing?

Carissa: I think she should move on to something entirely new. That's the second time she visited her old house so I have a feeling that will be where she ends up, but I think reliving the past is a poor choice.

Christine:  As much as I understand the pull to go back, I think the weight of the history of that home will wear her down. She needs to move on and start over.

What should Peter do about Cary's confession?
Matt: Buy his underling a drink and give him a high-five. Dana is hot!

Carissa: He should treat him no differently than he would anyone else, but also consider his tenure and everything else he brings to the table. He's not a new employee, but highly valued. The same can't be said tor the others who received harsher punishment.

Christine: He'll have to reprimand him or it will come back to bite them both, but I don't think it deserves termination, if for no other reason than at least Cary didn't do the deed on the boss' couch!

Grade the case of the week.
Matt: A straight A. There were twists, there were turns and there was Colin Sweeney at his Colin Sweeney-est. There was also a welcome break from the show's occasional obsession with technology-based cases.

Carissa: C. Unlike everyone else I can't stand Sweeney and I don't believe for a minute that women would be lining up to have affairs with him. I don't find him the least bit entertaining. He's an affront to women everywhere. I hope he turns the corner to angelic territory so he no longer needs representation.

Christine: A-. I never saw it going where it did. A turkey baster? Seriously? And Sweeney ending up with a child is just frightening, but I was entertained from beginning to end.

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