Community Review: Doing It Like a Crossword

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Coming off the heels of last week's documentary parody, Community went back to its usual formula with "Origins of Vampire Mythology."

Indeed, TV's most dynamic duo is back to normal and what a relief it is! I consider Troy and Abed's relationship to be one of the strongest aspects of this show and without it we'd be bereft. When they were fighting it just threw Community off of its axis!

Annie and Troy

So what do I consider to be the usual formula for the study group? We'll start with Britta's total lack of judgement involving the male species. Throw in a little bit of Annie's mothering behavior getting duped by her naivete. And add a pinch of Jeff's ego sending him into a jealous fit, only to result with him giving a shockingly meaningful speech. And top it all off with the Dean sporting a new costume.

Pierce and Chang had the B-story, which is definitely the usual. We all know about the offscreen tension between Chevy Chase and Dan Harmon and I always sorta wonder if that seeps its way into the writing of the show. Am I thinking too much into it by saying that Pierce's need for a new best friend is kind of on par with his need/want for a new gig?

Jeff's speech was like the therapy Britta so desperately needed to hear. Despite enlisting Annie to keep her away from carnie ex-boyfriend Blade, played by Parks and Recreation's Kirk Fox, it was ultimately patriarch Jeff who as able to get through to her.

Even though Community is a fictional sitcom, it's always fallen on the side of intelligence with metaphorical storylines that truly tie into reality. Britta's incessant text messages and phone calls to a man who didn't really care was, let's face it, definitely real. How many friends have you seen sending a million messages to a suitor who was fairly ambivalent? Perhaps it's even something you've done when you're down and out.

There's something about a take it or leave it attitude, the "not giving a crap" persona, that sends some people into a frenzy. That's about all I'll say because Jeff Winger is just far better at random bursts of intelligent speeches than I am. 

Then you have Troy, who knew that the second he was nice to Britta, she would go running. I'm glad to see the re-emergence of the Britta/Troy storyline. I feared it might have been swept under the rug for good. 

Britta was comical tonight and my favorite quote of the episode was her spouting that she would end up "doing him like a crossword." Oh boy, check out more of this week's Community quotes and hit the comments. Were you happier with the show going back to it's regular format? Relieved by Troy and Abed acting like brothers again? 

Origins of Vampire Mythology Review

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Community Season 3 Episode 15 Quotes

Why do you wanna know the secret to making a woman psycho?

Shirley [to Jeff]

No woman, none of us have to go to anyone. And the idea that we do is a mental illness we contracted from breath mint commercials and Sandra Bullock.
We can't keep going to each other until we learn to go to ourselves. Stop making our hatred of ourselves someone else's job and just stop hating ourselves.

Jeff [to Britta]