Decade Dancing: New Photos from "Do Not Go Gentle"

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Are you excited to go Decade Dancing, Vampire Diaries fans?

As has been well-publicized, tomorrow night's new episode of The CW thriller will hearken back to the 1920s, as Mystic Falls High School puts on what it thinks will be a harmless, fun event. Yeah... right.

Instead, look for Tyler to square off with Klaus at the dance, while Elena accompanies Stefan and Bonnie is forced to combat a dangerous spell with one of her own. Check out the following, just-released photos from "Do Not Go Gentle" and get your feathers ready as you click through the images below:

Slow Dancing with Klaus
Fancy Klaus
Decade Dance Dates
Jeremy and Matt Toast
Matt at the Bar
Elena Shopping
Matt and Caroline
Bonnie at the Dance
Bonnie and Jamie
Casting a Spell

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