Fairly Legal Review: The Titanic Syndrome

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The aircraft design in "Shine a Light" reminded me a little of the Titanic. On one hand it was being touted as the safest aircraft ever designed. On the other hand it had a one in a million chance of blowing up in the sky. 

Is one in a million an acceptable risk?  Certainly the company thought so. How many of us would board that plane if we knew those odds?  Then again, what are the odds of getting home safely in your car each day?  I suppose it depends what you consider random chance and what is preventable risk. 

If the company could fix the flaw they should.  Unfortunately the risk of a losing hundreds of millions of dollars made the risk of one in a million seem a lot more acceptable. 

Kate is Mediation

There were lots of little character moments in this episode.  First off, why was Kate sleeping on Lauren's sofa? I'm sure there's at least one guest room in that home.  And if Kate's been there for weeks why hasn't she bought some food rather than griping about what's in Lauren's fridge. 

I know Kate works long hours but she could take an hour and do some grocery shopping, or how about looking for a place of her own.  It's not like she can't afford it so what's holding her back?

Despite her progress, Kate still has her issues like when she yelled at Justin in the middle of his fundraising dinner. I know she was upset about Danny but making a scene during something that was important to Justin seemed childish.

Lauren's control issues definitely came to the forefront as she tried to reign Ben in but I must admit that Ben did come off kind of sleazy for most of that case.

The implication of his sexcapades with Lydia at Alcatraz really didn't help.  If you've never been, Alcatraz is great to tour but it's old, dirty, and dangerous.  Not a place to consider taking off articles of clothing but maybe that's just me.

But it was good to see Ben take control of the case and then remind Lauren that he's also a partner, not a child for her to look after.  Of course he did a pretty good imitation of a mischievous brat so I couldn't blame Lauren entirely.

My favorite moment of the show was the last conversation between Kate and Justin.  In this Fairly Legal quote, Justin tells her…

Justin: That's something we've always had in common. This insane jonesing for justice. | permalink

During that moment I hated that they were now divorced.  Their chemistry is one of the highlights of the show.

Although I found last week's episode more enjoyable, I was certainly entertained by this week's Fairly Legal.  But do you think Justin and Kate will ever find their way back to one another or is it time to move on? 

Shine a Light Review

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