Game of Thrones Round Table: "The Ghost of Harrenhal"

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From marriage proposals to secret weapons, snowy adventures to water-based acts of treason, a great deal went down on Game of Thrones this week.

How did our Round Table team of Matt Richenthal, Eric Hochberger, Dan Forcella and Carissa Pavlica feel about "The Ghost of Harrenhal?" Read on for their take and then sound off with your own below...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: Bronn's speech about how magic doesn't win wars, men do. I was happy to see this topic addressed, following last week's magical act, and, come on, Bronn is awesome.

Eric: I'm loving Arya's adventure in Harrenhall. My favorite scene? Getting to see things on the Tywin Lannister's side thanks to Arya's new position. Nothing like hearing my Starks striking fear.

Dan: Probably when the Smoke Baby killed Renly because it proved yet again that nobody is safe in this world. Anyone can die at any moment. Oh yeah, it also made some great interactions between Brienne and Lady Stark.

Carissa: Arya talking about Robb to Tywin. She's such a little spitfire and so full of Stark pride. If her family knew what she had overcome so far, they'd be trying to make her the queen of the Iron Throne.

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Should Daenerys marry Xaro?
Eric: The poor girl is like 14 and already a widow and you're trying to marry her off? Besides, if we're marrying her off to any old man, I'm totally shipping her with Jorah Mormont. I just need Matt to come up with a witty couple name for me: Jany? Torah? See, this is why I leave things to the professionals.

Matt: Clearly, Eric, it would Dorah, seeing how these two are sort of like explorers. But I think she should tie the knot with Xaro. I hate to be a cynic, but not all marriages are based on love. Some are out of convenience and it's hard to think of a more conveniently powerful duo that Xaro and Daenerys. Granted, having to spell these names side-by-side in my reviews would be more torturous than a rat gnawing out my intestines, but it would help Dany reach the throne.

Dan: No. She is still mourning the great Khal. I don't care if it would be a marriage of love or not, Dany can wait it out and do this on her own.

Carissa: He only wants her dragons. She's like a pop star now. She'll never know if any man truly wants her for herself or just her dragons ever again, poor girl. Personally, I'd rather have the dragons than any man.

Will Theon regret his attack on the north?
Matt: Most likely. It may be too late, it may be when he's staring down the sword of Robb Stark, but it's hard to believe he doesn't eventually look back on the betrayal of his quasi family and realize: I turned my back on my loved ones for a sister who likes getting felt up by her sibling and a father who hasn't showered in decades?!?

Eric: If he has any semblance of a conscious, yes. Plus, I would not mess with Robb Stark. I hear he rides a wolf to battle and can't die.

Dan: Yes. I have faith that Theon will prove to have a heart for the family that raised him. If not, then Eric is right, he will go down to the immortal man who rides the wolf.

Carissa: No. Well, maybe some day, but not any time soon. Unless he's made an ass of by his sister, which is a possibility. As for any former allegiance he felt to the Starks, that's over. Because he has no true loyalty or compassion, he won't be hurt by anything that happens except being humiliated in front of his daddy.

Who would you prefer as your steward, Sam or Jon Snow?
Matt: Sam. The guy just makes me smile when he's around. Which is something Jon Snow has done maybe one time in the last six years.

Eric: Sam! Could you really picture Jon changing your sheets? Dude would use way too much starch.

Dan: Definitely Sam. He is awesome, and Jon Snow has frankly bored me as of late. 

Carissa: Well, I'd prefer Jon Snow to be near me. Period. I don't think I need to explain that.

Should Melisandre accompany Stannis to King's Landing?
Matt: Not at this point, after she accomplished her Renly-murdering mission. But good luck extricating yourself from that relationship, S! It's like Lamar Odom trying to distance himself from the Kardashians in order to focus on basketball. Once you're in, you're in for like. Just accept it and bid farewell to your soul.

Eric: Duh. First, he totally just lost his heir and needs to bang that out again. There's nothing more romantic than a trip to King's Landing. Second, if the battle looks tough, she can totally birth the aforementioned heir to kill Joffrey. Heck, if they can figure out how Octomom got knocked up with eight, they could take out the whole Lannister line.

Dan: What would he do without her? Isn't he just doing everything she tells him to do? Isn't he kind of like a puppet working for the Smoke Baby's mother?  Wait, does that make Melisandre somehow related to Allison Janney? I'm confused.

Carissa: At this point in the game I can't figure out how he was talked out of taking her. Well, I guess because he doesn't know his son the smoke monster killed his brother. Would that knowledge scare the hell out of him or endear her further? He's a bit of a wimp. Maybe it's best she stay behind and try to run things herself.

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