Game of Thrones Round Table: "The Night Lands"

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Cersei learned just what sort of evil resides in her son, Jon Snow learned what happens to Craster's sons and the now-former City Watch Commander learned that there's a new Hand of the King in town.

Indeed, a lot went down on "The Night Lands" and our Game of Thrones Round Table - considering of staff writers Matt Richenthal, Eric Hochberger, Dan Forcella and Carissa Pavlica - are now here to take a closer look at the episode. Won't you join them?


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: Easily Tyrion's promotion of Bronn to Night Watch Commander. It was Tyrion at his best: witty, funny, direct, efficient. He continues to prove himself adept at both the Game of Thrones and at making me laugh.

Dan: My favorite had to be Tyrion's ousting of Lord Janos.  The imp commands with such a great combination of power and grace.

Carissa: Agree with Dan. Tyrion's ousting of Janos as City Watch Commander. I love watching a pompous ass wined and dined and kicked to the wall. Literally.

Eric: Even if it was my favorite scene, I won't agree with my three panelists for the sake of variety.  Instead I'll go with Gendry finding out about Arya's highborn past.  'Milady.

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Will Bronn make a good City Watch Commander?
Matt: We have no reason to think otherwise at the moment, do we? The guy is clearly loyal to Tyrion, which makes him more than alright in my book. The entire issue does bring up an interesting debate, of course: when, if ever, should a solder question orders? If a commander were free to exercise his own morality, wouldn't the entire system all apart? Or might an exception be allowed when the order is to actually murder babies? Discuss!

Dan: I would assume so.  He hasn't let us down yet, and his answer to Tyrion's question of whether or not he would murder a baby was classic.

Carissa: Yes. You don't need to be high bred to do those jobs well. As a matter of fact, I think the opposite has been proven true by watching these ninnies.

Eric: Absolutely not.  Are you people insane?  I love Bronn.  He's one of my favorite characters, but for one main reason.  He's a man you can always trust... to not trust.  Do we really want to put the city's protection in the hands of a sellsword who self admittedly goes to the highest bidder?  Well, actually maybe if you have Lannister gold...

Who has the worst relationship with his father: Tyrion, Theon or every son of Craster?
Matt: I've gotta go with Tyrion. Theon's is the most complicated, while Craster's might be the most deadly... but can we even call that a relationship?!? I really don't believe Tywin Lannister cares one iota about his actual family members, however, just their last names and his legacy. Tyrion might as well have been that slaughtered pig Tywin was carving up when we first met him.

Carissa: Considering Craster's daughters relationship with their father, I'd say the sons are getting a better deal. Theon is a whiny baby, and only Tyrion deserves respect from his father and doesn't get it because of his affliction. So, Tyrion.

Dan: I would take a terrible relationship with my father any day, if my only other option is what Craster is doing with his sons.  How awful!

Eric: Theon.  Tyrion may be getting slated by his father due to his size, but he was still given the Hand of the King title.  For Craster, well, getting killed by your father sucks as all, but can you really call that a relationship?  Now poor Theon has been prisoner for how many years, comes home to accusations, belittling, and being dismissed of his spot has heir?  Balon Greyjoy?  Worst. Father. Ever.

Do you trust Melisandre?
Matt: Not as far as I can throw her. Which, now that I presume she'll soon be pregnant, is not very far.

Dan: She's not giving me a son.  If she were giving me a son, I might change my mind.  Well, at least if she whispered it so soft and sexy like that, I might begin to trust her.  Seriously though, who is going to put all of those pieces back in the correct place after they finish having sex on that board of war?

Carissa: With what? Mumbo jumbo? Yepper!

Eric: Depends, is she offering to make me King?  What is that, six?  

Can Arya trust Gendry?
Matt: No! Arya should trust no one in Rosewood, not when there's clearly more behind the identity of A and... whoops, sorry. That's the other Aria.

Dan: Yes, and I loved his reaction to finding out she was a Stark.  He starts calling her lady, only to get pushed to the ground, and then claim "That wasn't very lady like."  Classic.

Carissa: Yes. He's a good kid. Raised well and cares about others. What more can you ask in the circumstances their under?

Eric: Absolutely.  Nothing forges trust like mutual fear of the Lannisters catching you.  Except maybe adorable shoving matches and M'Lady calling. 

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