Grey's Anatomy Sneak Preview Clips: I Need You!

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Four sneak preview clips from this week's all-new Grey's Anatomy show "The Moment of Truth" ahead for the fifth-year residents ... as well as some other potentially interesting developments on the romantic front.

First up, it's departure time. As the residents board the bus to go take the all-important boards, the senior surgeons are brimming with pride, and in some cases high expectations for their young proteges.

Even Bailey admits what a miraculous transformation this rag tag band of interns has made. Some are more anxious than others, though. While Cristina just wants to get it over with, April is petrified ...

Next, we have Richard filling in for a colleague and traveling to supervise the boards and watch anxious residents sweat it out, when he runs into none other than Catherine, who's there in the same capacity:

Finally, Mark tells Lexie "I need you." More than once. He claims he just "needs" her help on a graft, but there's something in his look and tone of voice that suggests more. It's about as subtle as a kick to the gut.

A sexy kick to the gut. Side note: Lexie listens to Nine Inch Nails? And calls it "fresh"?

And finally, here's Mark and Lexie running into one another again a bit later ...

Are they setting up a potential reconciliation between Mark and Lexie? And where would that leave his BFF Jackson? Share your thoughts on these sneak preview clips in the comments below!

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