House of Lies Review: Imminent Demise

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On the House of Lies season finale, Marty welcomed America to the new economy, where only the meanest, smartest and richest will survive.

"The Mayan Apocalypse" was anything but catastrophic, though I did feel like Marty's address to us all was a rare misstep for the normally smooth yet strong spoken Kaan. It is we who should have been welcoming Marty to the America most of us have known for all too long. To use the way Marty put it: as one of the mean, smart, fuck nuts that wasn't going to survive the merger, he would have joined our ranks and become one of those he speaks to each week when breaking down that fourth wall.

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Aside from that Occupy Galweather moment, I thought the finale did well to give the series one last opportunity to show its teeth, depicting how - despite their fine grooming and good behavior - Marty and his pod are a nasty bunch of junk yard dogs.

We all knew Marty was waiting for Jeannie to step up and be the Norma Rae they needed, but the way she blew the lid on the firm's culture of quid pro quo advancement and the Rainmaker's predilections was far more spectacular than I had expected. For a character who all season had such an aura of wisdom and superiority about him, Marco's speech to the firm seemed totally out of character - but proved just what a two-faced self serving prick he really was. There wasn't one person I don't think who felt sorry about his demise at the hands of Marty and friends. 

For someone who claimed to be good at reading people's behavior Marty should not have been so shocked to learn Roscoe had moved out. He has needed to get his house in order for some time but an empty home does not necessarily make for an orderly one. With the merger squashed though perhaps he finally will find the time to focus on what really matters. 

I'm going to miss our new friends at Galweather. I have so enjoyed the weekly banter between Clyde and DJ Guggenheim as well as the give and take between Marty and Jeannie, which reached a whole new level of intensity this week when they locked eyes and drank repeatedly to the blower uppers in life. I have long said she is the closest thing to an equal for Marty (aside from Monica) and I think he finally realized that tonight.

Doug couldn't see what was going on but Clyde knew enough to just sit back and watch his two pod mates toast each other. Great touch, by the way, having Clyde wear the Galweather Group banner around his shoulders like the hide of a fresh kill. 

So... what do you think will happen next season in the aftermath of Jeannie's speech? Will she and Marty take their relationship to the next level? Will the Rainmaker seek retribution for Marty sleeping with his daughter? Will Doug and Clyde's squabbles reach a boiling point forcing one of them to move on? Weigh in with your thoughts on the season finale as well as your expectations for Season Two.

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The Mayan Apocalypse Review

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Welcome to the new economy America where only the richest, meanest and smartest will remain.


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