Missing and Found: Sean Bean on the Return of Paul Winstone

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Paul Winstone has been found.

On last week's episode of Missing, viewers were stunned to learn that Becca's husband is alive and (kind of) well, a development series creator Gregory Poirier teased in our interview when he said you can't not use an actor such as Sean Bean when he's on your roster.

So, what can we expect from Paul's reappearance? Will he simply team up with Becca to track down Michael?

Becca and Paul

"It’s not as simple as we think," Bean told me over the phone.

For starters, there are certain trust issues with a wife who was fooled to believe you died many years ago.

“I’m not quite sure that he knows what’s going on and what he’s dealing with," Bean said. "So he’s very careful with what he does and what he says. It’s hard to come back to Becca and for her to trust him.”

That's for sure.

What drew the former actor to the role, which is quite a departure from his beloved portrayal of Ned Stark last season on Game of Thrones?

“I just thought it was a very gripping story. I read the first four episodes. There was doggery and backstabbing and disloyalty. Paul was a good guy but he had a conflict between his career, his work as a CIA agent and being married to Becca and having a son.”

How that conflict plays out should be a central storyline as season one of Missing draws to a close.

A new episode - titled "Measure of a Man," which forces Becca to relive a past case - airs tomorrow night at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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