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It can only be a matter of weeks before people get super frustrated with Michael and Becca's separation on Missing. In "Measure of a Man," Michael finally took matters into his own hands.

Without the aid of the CIA, Becca was forced to recall some unpleasant memories she had with her husband. (Read my recent interview with Sean Bean for more on where his character's relationship with Becca is going.)

No Longer Missing

There was a lot of information at the cottage, but unfortunately Violet set off one of Paul's traps. Wasn't she listening when Becca said she was the only one who would be able to disarm them?

Violet frustrates me, as I feel she only gets in the way. In addition, she was bitter when Miller said he wanted to see his family. Does she not recall that they are having an affair?

The CIA seemed to be helping for a brief moment and then the woman in charge swooped in and screwed it all up. I understand there is such a thing as protocol but what about empathy? Why did they need to arrest Becca? It's one thing to refuse to continue to lend support, but it's another to get in the way of a mother looking for her child.

You have to love the code that Michael and Becca thought up. He is truly the child of two CIA agents with the level of intelligence that he possseses. Unfortunately, Becca was merely steps away when got Michael and Oksana finally escaped. Little did they know that one of the villains made it onto the train with them. At this point in time, I think Michael is running on adrenaline and will do whatever he has to do to get his freedom and find his mother. 

What was interesting this week was that both Paul and Becca were having the flashbacks. This was an indication to the audience that Paul has some semblance of emotion towards his family. Then again, why was there a picture of Michael after his capture at the cottage? Is Paul trying to save him or is he still just out for himself? I'm still confused about this. 

What did you all think of this episode? Are you frustrated with the CIA? What side do you think Paul is on? Don't forget to check out our Missing quotes before you hit the comments. Oh, and happy birthday Michael! 

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Missing Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Paul: So it's better if his first word is shot?
Becca: As long as it's not followed by "to kill".

It's the only thing you've gotten right today princess.

Becca [to Violet]