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Okay, so what do you do when you find out that your husband fakes his death, was a rogue CIA agent and may have kidnapped your son? That's exactly what Becca had to decide on tonight's installment of Missing, "The Three Bears."

Since finding her son is obviously a time sensitive matter, Becca didn't have much time to process the fact that Paul is alive. Not only is he alive, but he knows Becca is in Europe hunting for Michael and now likely hunting for him.

Judd in Missing

I don't know what makes Agent Miller think he can keep leaving Becca out on missions. She will just go off on her own or with Giancarlo and ultimately do a far better job than Miller's team. She ducked away from a slew of CIA agents in a matter of seconds and managed to still get coffee before confronting Miller. Basically you play be her rules or you don't play at all.

In the end, they both need each other. Miller has more resources but Becca has better skills. While Becca has grown to somewhat trust Miller, I'm getting increasingly irked by Violet. You don't just talk smack about a vulnerable woman whose son is missing, especially when she could probably eviscerate you. I don't know what crawled up her butt, but I do know who has crawled up her skirt.

Who saw her affair with Miller coming? To be honest, I'm not sure how I didn't suspect it. But I suppose every show, despite its premise, needs an aspect of romance to it. I'm glad we finally got a little more background to Becca and Giancarlo's relationship.

It's interesting what he said about how she never would've sought out an affair if Paul was able to give her everything she needed. Becca was raised not to trust people and I believe some part of her always knew she couldn't trust or depend on Paul 200 percent. 

Back to the present day, Paul knew that Becca would read his signals. Except this time around she put her trust in Giancarlo above her trust in Paul. Thank goodness because she was about to get her finger chopped off before Giancarlo rode in on that motorcycle!

Sometimes I find it hard to believe that Becca and Giancarlo, just a two-man operation, keep outsmarting the entire CIA and some of the world's tightest security situations. The bank heist was pretty Ocean's Eleven. I knew once they sent the SWAT team in that it would somehow be a part of Becca and Giancarlo's cover.

Now we have perhaps the biggest piece of evidence so far, thanks to the safety deposit box. Next week it looks like the stakes are going to go up on Missing when the CIA cuts off its support of Becca's case. Michael now has more resources to help him escape, but he now also has an attachment to Oksana which could hold him back. 

What did you think of tonight's episode? Look out for my interview with Sean Bean (Paul Winstone) to be posted in the next few days. Also don't forget to check out our Missing quotes and hit the comments!

The Three Bears Review

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Missing Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Giancarlo: You have to think rationally, you are blinded by your feelings.
Becca: I could say the same for you.

He walked out of our marriage for an updo and a push up bra.