One Tree Hill Round Table: Series Finale Preview

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Dan Scott has left us forever, the rest of Tree Hill seems to be on its way to happiness, and now our panel of Miranda Wicker, Brian Shure, and Dan Forcella is here to get you ready for Wednesday's series finale.

Read their answers below, and then leave your own in the comments!


What did you enjoy more; the sadness from "Danny Boy?" Or the happiness from "Anyone Who Had a Heart?"

Miranda: I'm going with the sadness from "Danny Boy." I didn't think I would be sad to see Dan Scott die but that sadness and the character's emotions and reactions felt more genuine than the happiness from this week, which all feels contrived in light of the show ending. 

Brian: Definitely the sadness from "Danny Boy". It was probably the last drama-filled episode we will see in the series, as the happily ever after sequence has already begun as we saw this week. While the happiness was nice to see, OTH was built on dramatic plot lines and "Danny Boy" will be the last memory I have of them.

Dan: I absolutely loved what Paul Johansson and company did with the death of Dan Scott.  It was one of my favorite moments in One Tree Hill history, so check out our Most Memorable One Tree Hill Moments countdown in the next couple of days to see if it ends up making the list.

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What was the better one-liner; Dan asking Deb if he was in hell?  Or Keith telling Dan that he was his plus one?

Miranda: It's a tie. Dan's "Am I in Hell?" followed by propositioning Deb for one last hoorah was classic, but Keith's "plus one" was the ultimate in everyone being able to forgive Dan, including Dan himself.

Brian: Wow, tough one. Usually I'm a sucker for a brilliant Dan Scott one-liner, and while this one is no exception, I have to lean towards Keith's line. Keith using his plus one on the man who murdered him was a classic line.

Dan: Yeah I will go with Keith's "plus one" as well.  The man brought a tear or two to my eye in that moment.  Unfortunately for my manhood, the tears were already flowing freely at that point.

For those Dawson's Creek fans among us, does this ending feel too familiar?

Miranda: Only because they're both ending with the "let's make a tv show" story line. Otherwise, no. The ending to Dawson's Creek was very much about the resolution of the triangle and watching everyone go off to pursue their dreams and this ending seems more about making sure everyone gets a happily ever after. (It was, however, great for the show to acknowledge the similarity. And I'll never complain about a good The Vampire Diaries reference.)

Brian: Not a huge fan of the show and I don't remember the ending at all, but I did like Brooke's reference to the similarity.

Dan: Yeah, I was never into Dawson's either, but I have heard a number of people reference the similarities with the "making of" arc.  It was definitely sweet that they acknowledged it with Brooke's "The Creek" mention.

How do you feel about Julian stealing life moments from Lucas (winning shot) and Nathan (sex tape) in "Ravens?"

Miranda: I don't like it. Not at all. Brooke and Julian wouldn't BE Brulian if they'd known each other in high school, mostly because Brooke wasn't this girl in high school…at least not early on. The show seems to have become all about Brooke in the past two seasons (maybe even the past three) when she was never the focus in the beginning. Julian stealing moments feels like a way to retcon the early seasons into being all about Brooke.

Brian: Do not like it at all. I like Julian's character a lot. He's been a great addition to the show since he was cast, but he's basically rewriting big moments in the show's history, not to mention inserting himself into the two main characters' spots.

Dan: I also don't like it.  A reader commented on my review of the episode that the show didn't have to be One Tree Hill, but that's the show we know is great!  Also, it's just kind of a jerk move to take Luke's book and then steal life events.

What do you want to see most during the One Tree Hill series finale?

Miranda: The actual, non-lip-service return of Whitey Durham? Or Karen? I feel like they're the only characters who haven't been paraded out yet. We got the return of a one-time intern that nobody remembers this week and a peek at Keith last week. We endured Chris Keller for half the season. Hell, we even got Lucas Scott in all his bad-haired glory! But we can't get Whitey to come out of retirement or Karen to stop jet-setting with Andy? I'm pretty sure this finale is going to be all about everyone riding off into the sunset, and I'm not sure how I feel about that yet.

Brian: I'd like to see old cast members back. Keith's spot last week was fantastically written and executed. However, Lucas' spot a few weeks back was not even close. I'd like to see him and Peyton make an appearance but I won't hold my breath. I like Miranda's idea, maybe Karen, Coach Durham?

Dan: The return of old favorites would be nice, but what I really want to see is a flash forward.  I want to see what everyone is up to five years from now.  

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