Supernatural Round Table: "Of Grave Importance"

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Supernatural did a bit of ghost whispering on last Friday's fun episode, while also growing a bit incestuous.

In the following edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table, panelists Carissa Pavlica, Carla Day and Sean McKenna tackle this issue, as well as others related to "Of Grave Importance." Read on and chime in.


What did you think of Sam, Dean and Bobby all hooking up with the same girl?
Carissa: Very soap opera, and if I were her I'd find something in all three to hook up with, too! Oops... did I say that out loud? I liked that the boys let Bobby think he had the special relationship with her in the end, though. Sweeties.

Carla: What? All three of them did? I missed the part about Sam getting with her too. Wrong. Just wrong.

Sean: I thought it was funny when Dean admitted he'd had his fling with her, but it took the cake when Sam added his own two cents. It was so wrong, but so hilariously right. Guess they have a lot more in common than just saving the world.

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

Are you glad we got the ghost perspective for part of the episode?
Carissa: Yes, and it felt natural. I felt horrible for Bobby at the end, sitting in the back, unseen, listening to Dean saying his being there wasn't natural. What the hell? As if going to hell and coming back was all the rage for normal folk? As walking the planet without a soul was natural? It was out of character for him to talk like that without regard for Bobby's feelings. 

Carla: Yes, it provided some insight into what Bobby will be facing.

Sean: Yeah,  it gave us some insight into the ghost world and how even the ghosts go downhill. The spirit world isn't just haunting and playing Casper the friendly ghost.

What made the boys suddenly able to see Bobby?
Carissa: It had something to do with whatever the dude pulled out of him ... that light. Whatever it was, I'm very glad it happened.

Carla: Not exactly sure, perhaps because they were around so many ghosts? They were receptive to ghost energy in the house, plus Bobby was getting more control over his ghost abilities. They also were ready to admit that Bobby was a ghost. The perfect combination of factors.

Sean: I agree with Carla. Although I'm not really sure, I think a combination with finally believing Bobby was a ghost, Bobby getting control over his ghost powers, and maybe getting some extra ghost juice made them able to see their friend.

Should Dean have been upset with Bobby's choice?
Carissa: Because he loved him, yes, at first. But since he himself had made so many similar choices, he really had no place to judge. Both Sam and Dean have played with death on a strictly emotional level for years, why would it surprise them he would do the same?

Carla: Dean was true to his character. It's hard to say. At the same time, Dean's made deals with demons to protect those he loved, so how can he fault Bobby for wanting to help them.

Sean: I really felt that Dean was conflicted over the revelation that Bobby was a ghost. I know that having his friend back is good, but he also understands perfectly that you can only find so many loopholes and cheating death before things go downhill.

Will Bobby as a ghost be a help to the boys or will it lead to disaster?
Carissa: I think it will help. Imagine having the inside line on that intel that they normally need to conjur up through demons or other spirits. Might little one-off issues occur? Sure. But Sam has been literally dealing with Lucifer for years, so I think they're prepared for the little ghostly endeavors they might run across.

Carla: Probably a bit of both. His decision won't be without a cost. In the end though I think it will help the boys more than hurt them. Though, that may just be my wishful thinking.

Sean: I think he might help at first, but I've got a feeling that disaster will be just around the corner. They will certainly be an interesting team, that's for sure.

Sean McKenna is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow him on Twitter.

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