The Big C Review: Bundles of Joy

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It takes a lot to overshadow an Oscar winner, but Cathy Jamison's announcement to conclude the latest episode of The Big C almost made me forget that Susan Sarandon even appeared on "Bundle of Joy."

Another baby? Really?!?

Susan Sarandon on the Big C

It can't be said that Cathy isn't embracing the joyful lessons espoused by Ms. Joy Kleinman, especially the part about leaving your baggage behind and focusing on the future, but I'll ask again: a baby? Really?!?

We're obviously a long way from greeting the actual tyke, but even entertaining such a notion seems a bit selfish on Cathy's part. She isn't 100% cancer-free, Paul isn't even permitted to jump while dancing. It's hard to see these two being model parents these days - or, to be brutally honest, it's hard to even see them both being around until the child's middle school graduation.

Still, it's an interesting direction for the show to go in and a fun way to get there, as I've always been a big fan of Sarandon's (bold statement there, I know) and... come on. Did you see Paul dance?!?

Elsewhere, Adam got an erection at church and Andrea and Sean might hook up. Well, alright then.

There's not much to say about the former, though it makes me wonder if the show will go in the religious route with Adam or the romantic. I thought we'd be delving into Christianity via this storyline, but perhaps it will simply be an avenue does which Adam goes to woo his new love interest.

And there's way Sean and Andrea actually get together. Right? Right? Right?!? I strongly doubt, I'm sure this was merely a vehicle for the series to depict just how lonely each has become - but I'm not entirely sure. Sean is spending a lot of his time these days pretending to shower with strange men on the phone, so his moral compass is sort of all over the place.

But I am going to assume The Big C wasn't actually teasing anything between this pair aside from friendship. Because, again... come on.

Overall, a great deal was thrown our way this week. Most of it was a joy to watch, some of it a bit disturbing. What did you think of the episode? Should Cathy and Paul have a baby?

Bundle of Joy Review

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