The Big C Review: Dying to Wake Up

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Bliss? Charm? Heaven?

Sorry, just trying to come up with Paul's motivational speaking name over here. Following his shining speech on "Family Matters," he's clearly going to need a Joy-like moniker.

Felicity, perhaps? It's feminine, and Keri Russell may have the trademark, but the inspiring pickings are slim for guys in this area.

Victor Garber on The Big C

This was an enjoyable episode of The Big C. Really, it's hard to go wrong when you have a scene with Susan Sarandon acting opposite Laura Linney, along with the ideal use of another guest star: Victor Garber, in a very un-Victor Garber-like role.

Yes, the actor mostly known for playing dapper men of power (Jack Bristow, Jordan Wethersby) donned lipstick, started a sex line business and was an expert at discussing the four steps toward ideal oral satisfaction.

Still, he was no match for Sean. In one of the funniest, most bizarre Big C scenes to date, these two squared off in a pretend anus-stuffing contest, much to the chagrin of the caller on speaker phone. That's too many things up there! Nooo!

Somehow, this actually wasn't the only storyline involving rear ends, either. I really have no idea where the show is going with Adam and religion and his new love interest - but I'm at least curious to hear what others think regarding this portrayal of what the series wants us to think if a true believer. Running through the streets at random because you feel protected by God? Casually flipping over and inviting a guy you don't really know too well to enter your back door?

I'd sprint away screaming if I were Adam. Then again, the troubled teen is looking for some kind of connection and he's certainly being offered one here.

Finally, we get to the major news from the episode: thanks to the power of Paul's blog, he and Cathy may be in line for an adoption after all.

I know we should be happy for the couple, and I admire Cathy's new determination to "chase happiness," as she aptly put it to her brother... but I also don't blame the lawyer or the adoption system. There really are countless couples out there seeking to adopt - many younger, in good health, just unable to conceive on their own - and it's hard not to see Cathy as acting rather selfishlessly here.

That's allowed. I understand her motivation and I very much buy it. I'm just not rooting for her and Paul to get a child is all. Bottom line: they are sick, they don't have a great backup plan (no offense, Sean) and even Cathy admits that her inspiration here isn't based on helping a baby, it's based on helping herself to form of joy.

Do you think Paul and Cathy should adopt?

Family Matters Review

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