The Mentalist Review: Where Are All the Bad Kids?

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Lies, sex, drugs and hidden cameras. "Something's Rotten In Redmund" had it all, even a baby on the way.

That's right. Rigsby and Sarah had a little boy and I loved how Cho admitted the tyke wasn't really adorable. The fact is, most newborns aren't all that cute. 

The look on Jane's face as he saw Rigsby's son was simply heartbreaking. He was happy for his friend but it obviously brought back some painfully sweet memories. I love those moments that remind us how much Patrick Jane has lost.

Jane and Lisbon on the Case

But let's go back to the beginning. The case of the week was fun. I loved watching Jane run around the high school causing trouble. I wondered how often Patrick Jane was sent to the Principal's office back in the day. I have no doubt he was a trouble maker, but I wondered if he was more like Lisbon described herself in this The Mentalist quote:

I didn't say I never did anything bad. I just never got caught. | permalink

How good was Jane at not getting caught?

And I thought Jane's assessment of Lisbon was correct. I could just picture her in one of those silly band uniforms with the big hat.

The Principal was a little over the top in his tyranny but it was certainly entertaining. Jane's reveal of his bathroom cameras was funny, with him throwing open the cabinets to reveal the TV screens and yelling "pervy, perv, perv."

Principal Snyder had some nerve asking Lisbon, a law enforcement officer, to keep his illegal cameras a secret. The look on her face in response was perfect.

Jane's always a little different around kids, even teenagers. He never talks down to them and seems to see them for who they are. That said, causing the nervous kid to hyperventilate and pass out before the play wasn't very nice.

Grace seems to be getting all of the final interviews with the murderers lately. Mrs. Austin wasn't quite as crazy as some we've seen recently, which is saying something since she did slam a baseball bat into a man's head. 

Of course, she was pretty warped if she had to ask Grace "I love him and he loves me. Is that wrong?" Well, you're 35 and he's 16 and your student so... yeah!

I may not have thought that last week's episode was one of the better ones this season, but The Mentalist completely redeemed itself this week, as Jane ran around searching for the bad kids of high school. Do you think Jane was one of the bad kids, did he stay under the radar or was he never in one place long enough to get caught?

Something's Rotten In Redmund Review

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