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Just when we thought things would be getting back to normal in our favorite small town, "Friendly Fire" reminded us that just because you are unplugged from the Matrix, it doesn't mean you weren’t affected by it.

The cascade of weirdness from those who were in Beverly Barlow’s Neural-net processor reality rippled out in more ways than one; the biggest being the Zeta wave emissions Henry detected, which Grace and Allison figured out was a result of being connected to the neural net computer. 

Carter & Jo Battle Flames

Are they still broadcasting on a wave length that Barlow can detect? Is this the sign of a bigger problem as Grace suspected?

The less significant way was many people adjusting to being back around real people. Honestly, I was confused by everyone’s reluctance to tell others what happened while they were plugged in. There was nothing to be gained by Grace not telling Henry that NPC Henry had planned on killing her or that she derezzed him before he could do it. 

I’m guessing it's supposed to show us how real it felt to those plugged in that they were having a hard time adjusting, and it did give that message. Actually, Grace gave us that message verbally; the rest was a muddle wash of finger-pointing and evasive looks. 

Thankfully, as with most things Eureka, it doesn’t look like it’s going to last that long and we will be on to all new personal dramas quickly.

Any shortcomings the lack of communication generated was made up for two-fold by Fargo and Parrish at the end remembering Holly. Wheaton's portrayal of Dr. Parrish normally makes me want to slap him silly. Allowing him to show a gentler side towards Fargo was nicely done. While Fargo may have lost a girlfriend when Holly died, Parrish had feelings for her too and he has his own grieving to do. 

Could they end up friends, bonding over the loss of a woman? Isn’t that at the core of most of Shakespeare's plays? Then I say, "Have at the foul spirits!" Okay, that might be too nerdy.

Here is hoping that Fargo finds love again. Watching Zane and Jo decide to make a go at it, while Allison and Jack begin their life together, makes me hopeful that it can happen. Hang in the Douglas, we all loved Holly and miss her too!  

Friendly Fire Review

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