Fringe Round Table: "Worlds Apart"

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Only two episodes of Fringe remain on season four.

But instead of lamenting that fact, our TV Fanatic Round Table team of Nick McHatton, Nick S., Sean McKenna and Carissa Pavlica are here to break down "Worlds Apart." What did you think of the episode? Weigh in on the following Q&A now...


What was your favorite moment from the episode?
Nick: Walter shines again in this episode. I loved his talk with Walternate, and his comment about missing the other side.

Sean: I have to agree about Walter. He gets some of the best moments and lines. John Noble really brought a great sentiment to both his versions of Walter and the side beside sit down between the two of them was top notch.

Nick: Walter and Walternate. It's similar to a few conversations we've seen Walter have in the past, on those occasions he's encountered people who, like him, have top-shelf minds and a burden of immense moral choice. Those conversations - for example, with Peter Weller's character in "White Tulip" - have been some of the most important and moving in the series. But this time, the conversation is with his other self - someone who can understand most perfectly what Walter has done, and why, both because of what they share, and because he suffered so much because of Walter's choices.

Carissa: Because it was so long in coming, the moment between the Walters. John Noble was finally given his chance to show how different he could make the two characters when played against each other, something Anna Torv has been doing for four seasons.

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Now that the worlds are severed, what will Robert Jones d0? Was he Over There or Over Here?
Nick: He'll probably still go about his plan, but with the worlds severed again I wonder if he'll only try to destroy one. That could be a very interesting plot twist. Imagine if one side is being brought to its knees. Could they have a mass evacuation to the other side? Could they potentially make a machine in time that could do that? I'm sure I'm entirely off base, but it's fun to speculate nonetheless.

Sean: I don't see DRJ as the quitting type and after all this is the world of Fringe. Just because they've cut the connection doesn't mean he'll find another way to carry out his plan. I'm going to assume he was Over Here because that's where the characters are that we started the show with, but you just never know.

Nick: I have absolutely no idea. At all.

Carissa: I thought he was Over There, and I don't know if he knew in this new timeline a time when he would have to travel between worlds without the aid of the bridge or similar technology. If he's working with William Bell, it will definitely get interesting!

Do you think we'll see the Alterverse again before the season is out?
Nick: I hope so, like Walter I've come to quite like them. I think the chances are decent though, because even if the link is severed it seems that both sides are still connected.

Sean: I think so, at least in some form for sure. Peter's line, "It's weird to think of never seeing them again. Knowing that they're right there. So close. It's not the kind of thing you forget." makes me feel as if the door has been kept ever so slightly ajar for the Alterverse.

Nick: I'm guessing we'll either see it again or we'll have some other kind of window on it (maybe information passed by the Observers?)

Carissa: I think we might see it in flashbacks, but I'm hesitatant to say we will ever see it fully recognized as we have in the past again. And it pains me terribly.

Which Alterverse character will you miss the most?
Nick: I love Alt Liv. and I'm the most upset about seeing her go. Does Lincoln count since he's on that side now?

Sean:  In a funny way, I think I'll miss Walternate. Not only did he start out as a cool bad guy, but he grew and changed into something more.

Nick: Astrid! Definitely Astrid.

Carissa: Fauxlivia, most definitely, but all of them were so wonderful and well fleshed out I can't stand the thought of losing a single one. I really can't.

Did Lincoln make the right decision to go?
Nick: Yes, he's much more likely to get what he wants on that side, and make a better life for himself. I also like that his handshake with Peter basically boiled down to "I'm going to go get with your alt. verse girlfriend. Laters."

Sean: For him? Sure. Home is where the heart is.

Nick: The other side an airship terminal at the Empire State Building. Of course he made the right decision.

Carissa: Yes. He was so in awe of his alter-self and he never did find the point where they divided; it made sense that he was comfortable there. How often do you have a second chance at love with a woman so similar to one with whom you were already in love? It's a win/win for him, even if it's a lose/lose for us, the viewers.

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Fringe Season 4 Episode 20 Quotes

Peter: Walter, could the connection between our two universes be what's facilitating this psychic link?
Walter: I suppose.
Peter: So what if we severed it?

Peter: You did great Walter.
Walter: He can't even stay in the same room as me.
Peter: He listened to you. They all did.