Game of Thrones Round Table: "A Man Without Honor"

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Character introspection dominated the latest Game of Thrones episode, as individuals took stock of who they were and where they were going.

Fortunately, we know exactly where our TV Fanatic Round Table team of Matt Richenthal, Eric Hochberger, Dan Forcella, Carissa Pavlica and Carla Day are going: right here! Right now! To relive "A Man Without Honor" and to answer key questions related to the installment.

Come along and join us...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: The closing one, obviously. Theon killed Bran and Rickon, people! Damn! **

Eric: The adventures in Qarth. They're definitely nothing like the book, so colored me intrigued. Plus I dig Xaro's new role. The show could definitely use another king.

Dan: Definitely Jaime listening to the Lannister boy's story, bonding with him - and then straight murdering him. He's a class act, that Kingslayer.

Carissa: Arya and Tywin's chat over mutton. Beautifully written and acted.

Carla: Agree with Carissa. I loved the bonding between Tywin and Arya. She perfectly knew when to lie and when to tell the truth, while still being witty. As Tywin said to Arya: "You're too smart for your own good." While they have gotten friendly, Arya knows that he is the enemy as she thought about killing him with the knife.

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Are Bran and Rickon dead?
Matt: ** Just kidding. Those bodies are clearly the orphans who were working at the farm, although even their deaths are clearly weighing heavily on Theon.

Eric: Charred unrecognizable remains? A little too convenient. And come on. Theon could never kill the kids he watched grow up... right?

Dan: Absolutely not. We aren't buying it, people. If it wasn't completely obvious that it wasn't Bran and Rickon, I would still question it. I see a lot of story left to tell for Bran. He has a long, slow, great character arc going for him. That's my guess.

Carla: No. My guess is the burned bodies are of the two village boys. There is no way the direwolves would have let Bran or Rickon be taken.

Carissa: This soothsayer sayeth no-eth

Will Catelyn kill Jaime?
Matt: Of course not. But maybe she'll slice up his pretty face a little. It was a pleasure to get our first glimpse of the Kingslayer since the season two premiere. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, probably the most underused member of the Game of Thrones cast, clearly has a blast in the role.

Eric: No way. Losing her daughters and the show's hunk in one fell swoop?!? I don't see it.

Dan: Nobody can kill the Kingslayer. He will escape and return to his sweet sister Cersei. He is unstoppable!

Carla: No. Catelyn may hate him, but she knows he is worth more to her alive.

Carissa: Again on the no. He's too pretty to kill. If he were going to be crow food they'd have cast a more unattractive and less witty bad man in his place. However, they are doing a good job of giving her reason to kill him.

More unexpected bonding: Arya and Tywin, Cersei and Sansa or Cersei and Tyrion?
Matt: Cersei and Sansa, no doubt. The former has come so far this season, understanding the damage she caused by, well, boinking her brother and then, more specifically, pushing their offspring on to the throne. Providing comfort to Sansa is not something I would ever have expected from Cersei a year ago.

Eric: I'm going to quote Cersei here: You can only trust your own kids. What the Hell are these Lannisters doing?!?

Dan: Most unexpected, and most enjoyable was Cersei and Sansa. Everyone hates Cersei - except me, of course - so it was nice to see her show some emotion towards the little dove. That Queen Regent sure knows how to cut to my core.

Carla: Cersei and Tyrion. They conversation was just odd, but it was a touching heart-to-heart that only the two of them could have. Cersei is seeing the truth about Joffrey. Will she be able to go against him for the good of the realm? Cersei and Tyrion could join forces to supersede Joffrey's power.

Carissa: Cersei and Tyrion. I can't believe they're just chatting about Cersei and Jaime producing her children like it's old news. Totally unexpected and kind of weird.

Should Jon Snow have just taken Ygritte right there in the snowy marsh?
Matt: Yes. If only to shut her the heck up. For like 15 seconds at least.

Eric: I'd love to claim yes, but I couldn't even take it out to pee in 30-degree weather, let alone North of the Wall temperatures. Which I assume are cold enough to have made his first and last if it went down.

Dan: No. It was gross out there.

Carla: No. It wasn't the right time. They do have an interesting chemistry together though. Maybe. Eventually.

Carissa: What did he call it? The muck? Poor guy, you know he's a romantic at heart and wants his first time to be beautiful. He'd die of shame taking a girl in the mud!

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