Game of Thrones Round Table: "The Prince of Winterfell"

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A battle is brewing on Game of Thrones - but before we arrive at "Blackwater," we must go back and relive "The Prince of Winterfell."

It wasn't the most action-packed episode of this HBO epic, but it still have Round Table Panelists Matt Richenthal, Carissa Pavlica, Eric Hochberger and Carla Day plenty to analyze. Gather around and join them in a Q&A-based discussion now...


What was your favorite scene from episode?
Matt: I outlined it in my review (linked to above), but Tyrion's reaction to at first believing Cersei had discovered Shae... and then pretending as if she had. A terrific performance here by Peter Dinklage, proving once again why he is atop an outstanding Game of Thrones cast.

Carissa: Arya and Jaqen when she named him to die. She's so darn cute and he's really quite cool to put up with her.

Eric: I'm loving Robb Stark's romancing with Talisa. It's a whole new side to a story that was never told in the books. Plus, I totally got to see her naked.

Carla: I loved both the Arya scene with Jaqen and Robb with Talisa. Arya is so witty and that will help her survive. And, with all the manipulation and horrors of Westeros, it's a pleasure to see Robb and Talisa fall in love. This may have been the first sex scene that was exclusively about love. Beautiful.

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Should Catelyn have let the Kingslayer go?
Matt: From the point of view of the war? And the large goals at stake? Of course not. But I can't comprehend what goes on inside a mother's heart or blame Catelyn here for doing whatever she could to save her children.

Carissa: Because Brienne is with him, sure. It's not like Robb is making any headway (or really giving a damn one way or the other) in the retrieval of his brothers and sisters. What's a mother to do?!?

Eric: Pros: Possibly getting your daughters back. Cons: Treason and likely changing the tide of the war causing thousands of deaths. Sorry, I'm on Team Robb here.

Carla: That's a tough call. The problem is that we don't know why Cat let him go or what the plan is. So, I'm withholding judgment for now. Whatever she is trying to do, I hope she is successful.

Dany choosing to stay in Qarth: Brave or stupid?
Matt: Totally stupid. Why doesn't she just go home and live (somewhat) happily ever after with my man Jorah? At some point, for anyone, following a dream becomes far more stupid than courageous. Dany clearly watches too much Glee. She should stop listening to Will Schuester's cheesy speeches, pat herself on the back for a job well attempted and live to be hot another day.

Carissa: She needs to get her dragons. Fighting for her dragons, wherever they are, is brave. Without her dragons she's just a teenager. Leaving them would be stupid.

Eric: How about stupid brave? Like Carissa said, the girl is nothing but a teenager without her dragons. As the mother of dragons, my money is on her for the throne of Westeros. Without them? She's got less of a chance than Theon.

Carla: Neither and both. It was her only choice. She needs those dragons. They are her only hope

Who would win in a fight: Jaqen H'ghar or The Avengers?
Matt: The Avengers, but it would be close. Especially because none of Tony Stark's technology had been invented during the time of Westeros, leaving him with nothing but one-liners in this clash of the ages.

Carissa: Since there's a whole group of them and they have special powers, I'll have to go with The Avengers.

Eric: Assuming Arya has a whole new set of deaths owed to her? I got my money on Jaqen H'ghar. Now defeating The Avengers at the box office? That seems much more challenging

Carla: I haven't seen The Avengers yet. (Seriously, I need to get to the theater!) But I would have to give it to them, though Jaqen is quite impressive.

Who is most likely to die in next week's big battle?
Matt: Bronn. Protecting Tyrion. And I will cry as a result.

Carissa: People are going to die? I expect some severed limbs, but death? Pfft.

Eric: Joffrey. Is it Wishful thinking that he will leave the protective walls of King's Landing?

Carla: I'd love to see Joffrey die, but in battle may be too gentle a death for him. Not sure. I expect most of the main players will stay far away from the battle. When King's Landing falls, it could be a blood bath!

Matt Richenthal is the Editor in Chief of TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter and on Google+.

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