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It feels like it’s a bit early in an ensemble TV series to do an entire episode based around only one of the characters. In "The Return" we went back to East Lansing, Michigan with Hannah and watched her grapple with big city girl returns to the suburbs situation.

By the way, I know East Lansing is not a small town at all I just can't resist myself a Journey lyric.

Close Up of Hannah

First of all, who the hell travels long distance with clothes in trash bags except for Angelina from Jersey Shore? How does that even get through the TSA when my unopened sunscreen doesn't? 

You could tell Hannah was completely annoyed to be returning to Michigan, especially now that she lives in the big city and think she is better than everyone.

Case in point, the following quote: "You are from New York, therefore you are just naturally interesting." | permalink

Oh Hannah, if you only you acted so secure all of the time and we wouldn't be in this Adam mess. But back to the situation of returning home. Some people say you can never go home ago and to a degree this is completely true. Things will never be the way you left them. But you also grow to appreciate stuff in a completely new way. For instance going home to your parents house from a city often means cleanliness, better sleep, an overabundance of food, and if you’re coming from NYC then lower prices on everything.

It can also mean strange encounters with your past, in Hannah's case it was her pharmacist buddy who felt comfortable enough bringing free KY to her car door. Then there was the old friend who was having the fundraiser for the girl who was abducted on spring break. The Natalie Holloway type story still gives me chills. And even though the dance those girls did was kind of random, obviously Hannah was super critical but then again, that's just Hannah!

I know people talk about the rawness of this show, but I’m sorry the ick factor of this week was just a little too much. Hannah asking that guy if she was tight like a baby? Just OMG stop. I think Adam’s pedophile talk is rubbing off on her. 

Then we had the parents doing it doggy style in the shower and the dad hitting his head and passing out. I'm not going to say I didn't laugh, but I was covering my eyes too. Also was it super necessary for us all to see Hannah’s dad's flaccid penis? This show really takes gratuitous nudity to a new level.

Were you surprised that Hannah didn’t ask her parents for rent money? Do you think Adam’s depraved sexual ways are getting to Hannah? Did you miss Marnie, Jessa, and Shoshanna? Hit the comments!

The Return Review

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