Gossip Girl Clips: Destroy Her!

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In two new sneak peeks from tonight's Gossip Girl season finale, Dan learns of the scandal that's brewing surrounding his girlfriend's leaked diary and Blair makes up her mind to destroy Serena.

First, we see Serena conveniently tell Dan that she's working on the issue with B's diary ... which he had not heard about prior to this. She begs him not to read Gossip Girl. That's happening.

Later, we see Blair in damage control mode, but thanks to another blast from G.G., she seems resigned to the fact that her efforts may be in vain. Quietly enraged, she hatches a different plan:

Find whatever you can on Serena and destroy her ...

Be sure to check out the producers' preview of "The Return of the Ring" as well as our updated Gossip Girl season finale spoilers page for all things pertaining to tonight's much-anticipated episode.

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