Hart of Dixie Review: The Way Things Always Are

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One "The Race & the Relationship" later, and everything is just about back to the where we started.

Zoe and Wade as a Team

Lemon does something stupid and George reverts to his role. Lavon outright tells Zoe that Wade is into her, and she rebukes him... again. Wade and Zoe have a fight. All sides air their grievances and Zoe is once against the odd non-Bluebell native out.

Did I miss anything?

Dixie’s biggest problem as a show is it never actually follows through with its own character threads. Each episode ends up being a rehash of things we’ve gone through over and over and over again, with each time being only slightly different.

Sure, we can change the song and dance, but Zoe still pines for someone, she makes a revelation about herself and then she acts the same way with a new guy. George is forever the good guy, and after a night of fun in New Orleans and finally letting himself follow through on the emotions and doubts he had felt with Lemon and their build up towards their wedding, he goes back to being the rescuer and trying again with her.

Wade tries to mend his relationship with Zoe after realizing he probably screwed up, and the two have a project that brings them closer together. One of them says or does something that ticks the other off and they have one of their spats and go to their respective corners.

I just don’t get the reasons behind this; maybe if there were some actual semblance of a love triangle - instead of this kind of, sort of one we have now - things would be different. At least then the back and forth with emotions and winners would have some lasting results. But with things as they stand here, the brush is being rinsed off before paint is even on the canvas.

I haven’t even begun with the complete flip-flop of emotions Zoe had with Wade that she now has with George, but I'd rather not beat this dead horse anymore.

So what did I enjoy about tonight’s episode? Shockingly, a lot actually. I loved Zoe and George’s conversation when he brought her coffee. He opened up to her in ways that he can’t with Lemon, and the two have chemistry that can’t be denied.

While I don’t quite understand how Zoe joining the Bluebell Battle with Wade shows what a grand gesture of her love is to George, at least it meant that we could see George continue to be furious at Lemon for what she did. Something I am fully supportive of.

Zoe and Wade also have great conversation, and the two work as friends. When they aren’t reminded of feelings that are or are not there for whoever wants to have them for the week they have some good talks with each other. They actually lift each other up instead of dragging each other down. The battle was the perfect example of that, and it was nice seeing a closeness that’s been absent for so long.

Hart of Dixie would be all the better if it would just stick to its guns and at least try. It’s a nice, fun, enjoyable romp every hour that is a true bright spot in The CW’s lineup. I just hope all of the wheel spinning eventually propels the show somewhere – perhaps for the season finale?

What did you think of tonight’s episode?

The Race & the Relationship Review

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Hart of Dixie Season 1 Episode 20 Quotes

Lavon: Zoe, I really don't get how you still don't know this, but Wade likes you.
Zoe: What? No, maybe he did before, but definitely not now.

All it proves is that I'm motivated to have this race end as quickly as possible.