Kat Graham Teases "Huge" Season Finale Death on The Vampire Diaries

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You will lose your mind.

So Kat Graham just teased to me over the phone when asked about tomorrow night's season finale of The Vampire Diaries.

"There is a huge death," the star added. "I say that every season finale because… well, there is. Someone always kicks the bucket. But this is the biggest finale we've ever had. Seriously: it may not be filled with crazy stunts of burning buildings, but, in terms of storyline, it's the biggest finale we've ever had."

And where exactly does Bonnie figure into "The Departed?"

Graham said she isn't sure if the writers plan to take her character down a dark path, a direction some viewers thought may have been teased by the heart-stopping spell she cast over Jeremy on "Before Sunset."

But she's open to it "as long as there's a balance, as long as it makes sense and feeds both the show and the storyline. I'm all about reason and there being a motive behind things."

We won't find out much in that regard tomorrow night - Graham does wonder whether dark magic could become some kind of "addiction" on season four - but we will see Bonnie arrive at a significant decision, one influenced by her lack of parental guidance, the actress previews.

"You'll see a side of Bonnie where she might have to pull herself up by her own bootstraps. She'll be making a deal that she might not have made if her relationships [were different.] It will be shaped by the experiences she's had."

Speaking of relationships… how could we not ask: Team Damon or Team Stefan? Elena will apparently decide for herself on the season finale. What advice would Bonnie give her pal?

"At one point she wanted Damon to get lost," Graham says. "And then she wanted Stefan to get lost because he went off the deep end… she's been working with Damon recently, so she might be leaning more toward him. She thinks she can rely on him now."

Tune in tomorrow night to see if Elena agrees - and look for Graham to release an EP this June, as the off-season allows this actress/singer to focus on her music career.

"I love that fans of the show are getting into my music," Graham says. "But I try to keep them separate. The look of my music and the look of the show are just so different."

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