Once Upon a Time Creators on Season Finale: Airing Sunday!

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Will Henry survive? Will Rumplestiltskin's agenda help break the curse? Have we seen the last of his lost love, Belle?

Heading into this Sunday's Once Upon a Time season finale, and secure in the knowledge that season two is a go, I spoke this week to creators/executive producers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz.

Read on for excerpts from the interview, as the pair offers up inside scoop on how this unique show came to be and where it's all going.

Once Upon a Time Season Finale Picture

How did you come up with this incredible concept?
Edward: The idea kind of hatched nine years ago. We were sitting around in my apartment and we had just come off of a year on Felicity and our agent said have you ever started to think about what you wanted to do and Adam and I started talking about the type of pilot we'd like to write. What are the things that excite us?

Adam: We realized that these fairy tales were so formative in growing up and in making us want to be writers that it kind of led to a discussion of what would be a fun way to explore these things in a new way.

Edward: We started to ask ourselves questions like, imagine being the Evil Queen and you're trapped in a place that only has happy endings and everything you do fails. You get a working oven in a gingerbread house and that stupid witch can't burn the two kids. Where is the one place she can win? That's in our world and that started a nine year writer's block because we were way to young to kind understand our idea or figure it out. I think that through our experience with Lost and through the years we kind of understand a different way to tell the show.

Adam: We had to figure out the way to express it as a series.

What can you tell us about the finale?
Edward: To expect the unexpected.

Adam: That it's on Sunday at 8 p.m.

Edward: We don't want to give away anything that's too spoilery. The kind of story that we started to tell in the pilot this year, it kind of reaches a boil and a lot of things kind of come together in a way that we think are surprising and cool.

Fans have been asking lots of Rumplestiltskin questions, such as will Belle will be back?
Adam: I would be disappointed if we went this entire season and didn't see them again.

Edward: I'll say it more simply, yes.

And does Mr. Gold want the curse to continue or is he rooting for it to be broken?
Edward: He has an agenda. He is clearly a man looking for his son but just when you think you know him, he throws you a curve ball. Although we may find out some more about him we'll still wonder what he's really up to.

Do you already have any plans for going into season 2?
Edward: With any show you want to make it grow and evolve and change, while still being true to itself, but...

Adam: ... it won't make sense to you until after you see the finale.

And see it we will! Return to TV Fanatic soon after "A Land Without Magic" airs for a complete review.

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