Rookie Blue Season Premiere Review: Just Jump

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Rookie Blue returned for its third season with a new officer, an old case and our dynamic duo on the outs as Andy jumped into the "The First Day of the Rest of Your Life."

What was up with the skydiving? Andy looked petrified up until she got the call about the tribunal and suddenly her confidence kicked in and she dove out a perfectly good airplane. I've never really understood the need to do that, but after her three month suspension maybe Andy just needed to stretch her wings, so to speak. Or maybe she was just bored.

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Three months. Three long months without a word from her. No wonder Sam was ticked. Last season left off with these two not being able to keep their hands off one another. Andy had told him she was all in and, as Sam said, some guy in a white shirt told Andy not to talk to him and she didn't. For three months.

But Andy's comfort zone has always been to play by the rules and she was terrified of losing the one sure thing in her life. Her job.

As she told the tribunal in this Rookie Blue quote:

 I made a mistake and it almost cost me everything. I wasn't about to make the same mistake again. | permalink

As rational as that decision may have been, I think it cost her Sam's trust. He had to be wondering if he cared more about their relationship than she did. He basically tells her that in the Rookie Blue line of the night:

 All you wanted was to keep being a cop and all I wanted was you. | permalink

Sigh. That's got to hurt.

Oh, that scene on Andy's sofa was awkward. I just wanted one of them to grab the other and kiss but neither one seemed to know what to do next. Andy looked like she might cry. Thankfully Sam finally made a move but I hope that moment ended more pleasurably than it began. I only wished we'd gotten to see it.

At least their separation hadn't lasted nearly so long for viewers. That would have been painful. Fortunately, the reconciliation seemed to be on its way and we get to find out where this couple goes from here. 

Of course half the fun of this show is the chemistry between the entire team. Oliver's new rookie was cute but Collins obviously should have gotten his patented talk despite having done two tours in Afghanistan. He could have broken his neck when he jumped into the water. Now he's a hero but he easily could have been dead.

So Collins and Gail almost tied the knot in Vegas. It was hard to tell what that meant to him but she was obviously hurt by how it ended. Not only was her wariness of his presence in the squad written all over her face, she literally took a step back when he offered her his hand.

William Shatner surprised me in his role of Henry McLeod. He broke my heart as the distraught grandfather who lost his granddaughter at a fair seven years ago. That's a living nightmare. 

As happy as I was that they found Alice alive, it was still heartbreaking to think about everything that had been done to her and how her mother hadn't survived her disappearance.

Did anyone else want to smack the photographer doing Chris and Noelle's photo shoot? I'm certain that Noelle did and I wouldn't have blamed her if she had. He certainly deserved it.

With Rookie Blue back for season three I want to see more Oliver and Sam moments, more Gail and Dov and definitely more Sam and Andy. What's on your list?

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