Supernatural Round Table: "The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo"

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SPOILER ALERT: A certain somebody returns to Supernatural tomorrow night.

But before jumping too far ahead, let's take a look back, shall we? In the latest edition of the Supernatural Round Table, Carissa Pavlica, Carla Day and Sean McKenna relive "The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo." Sit back and join them now...


What did you think of Felicia Day as Charlie?
Carissa: I thought she was adorable as always. It feels like she always brings so much of herself to her roles, and that seems like the best job in the world.

Carla: Loved her! She was perfect for the character. Charlie was so much fun to watch. It made me sad when she said she didn't want every hear from Sam and Dean again. The boys could use a hacker on their side. Plus, I could see Charlie as the perfect sidekick in the right circumstances. I hope we see her again.

Sean: I enjoyed her as well. She was very lighthearted and quirky while clicking with Sam and Dean. It really was great watching her try and mimic Dean's words for the security guard.

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

Did you like the idea of a heist episode?
Carissa: I didn't event think of it as such, but it was fun. Especially Dean giving Charlie the lines to get the security guard all hot and bothered. And Sam doing his signature lean-back-in-the-chair-cover-your-mouth laugh for it. It was a great scene!

Carla: Like Carissa, while watching I didn't really think of it as that, but it was. It was a nice change.

Sean: While I felt that maybe this style of episode might have been better placed closer to the start of the season, I really like when Supernatural goes outside the box.

Thoughts on the Leviathan so far?
Carissa: It's starting to feel like many, many alien books I've read when they come to earth and possess humans in order to take over our planet and harvest us as food. Not very original. This particular episode made the best use of them so far, in my opinion, and I enjoyed the fake commercial they threw in for good measure.

Carla: They have to be the most boring foe ever on Supernatural, but this was the best episode with them so far.

Sean: I want to like them, but am having a hard time with it. I just feel that because there aren't any real rules that surround them (yet) it's hard to know where they are going to take the show or if and how Sam and Dean can even stop them.

What is the red slab of clay that Sam and Dean stole used for?
Carissa: I'm guessing it's the secret, human-infused ingredient for Turducken burgers and every other thing the Leviathan think we'll be eating out of their grubby hands. I'm getting the idea they haven't paid attention to the "green" movement. Stupid demons.

Carla: No clue. When I first saw it, my guess was that there was something inside the red clay that is important. And, that whatever it is was left inside the clay to protect it. But, it could just be the clay. With the Leviathan nothing would surprise me, there isn't much logic to them at all.

Sean: It has to be something that other is apart of their Turducken plan or something that can lead to their downfall. Or it's just really precious red clay.

If Bobby becomes too vengeful, do you think Sam and Dean might have to put him down?
Carissa: I'm not sure, but I think Bobby will be more inclined to help the boys then hinder them.

Carla: I don't see Bobby getting that bad, but if he does then yes. My prediction is that Bobby will do something to help protect the boys and then move on.

Sean: Will he get more vengeful? I just hope that in the long run, he helps out because it would be sad if Sam and Dean have to finish him off to protect someone else instead of letting him finally be put to rest for aiding their cause.

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