Teen Wolf Cast on Video: Season 2 Preview

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With Teen Wolf Season 2 set to premiere on Sunday night, TV Fanatic stopped by the Atlanta set a couple months ago and grabbed time between scenes with the cast members and creator Jeff Davis.

What can fans expect from this summer's new episodes? Where are various characters heading? Watch the following series of interviews to find out!


Tyler Posey told us that in the new episodes Scott continues to juggle his down-low romance with Crystal Reed’s Allison, but that he’s also more accepting of being a werewolf and how "we don’t screw around" with the new baddies coming this season.

“It’s very dangerous this season,” revealed Colton Haynes (Jackson) about what fans can expect. He also talked about the show bumping up the stunts that he and his castmates are doing and the fans he’s surprised to hear from.

Dylan O’Brien told us he’s more than a little happy that while his character, Stiles, is proving to be both a good source for comedy, he’s also able to step up and be a part of the Teen Wolf action on the new season.

Even after a long, cold night of shooting (it was 2 a.m. when we chatted), Crystal Reed managed to be charming and upbeat as she talked about Allison’s trust issues and also teased just where Allison and Scott’s relationship is heading in the new season.

Expect big changes and even bigger stakes for Lydia this season, said Holland Roden, who told us there is a big transformation coming that may make Lydia less than human. The actress also talked about how she’s able to control herself around her hunky – often shirtless – male co-stars.

Sinqua Walls is one of the new faces on this season of Teen Wolf and while his character, Boyd, may start out as a loner, the actor revealed that he’s going to go through some big changes that Derek may or may not have a hand in. Hmmmm…

How much pressure does creating the world of Teen Wolf put on Creator/Executive Producer Jeff Davis? Lots! But Davis is taking it in stride and shared some of his storyline goals for the second season and how the show is able to incorporate impressive special effects on a small budget.

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