The Client List Review: Not the Fairy Tale

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"Life of Riley" had our girl looking back at her marriage and realizing that life is not a fairy tale. Would Riley had done anything differently if she knew then what she knows now? No one will ever know for sure.

But Riley was able to give Kendra some good advice. If her fiance was completely dismissing what she wanted when it came to her wedding, what could she expect once they were married.  There were definite red flags there that they needed to work through. 

After Riley got pulled over by that smarmy cop in last week's episode, Georgia brought the girls together for a pow wow. I wish we had seen Georgia talking to her police contacts. Hearing about it after the fact made for little impact on this part of the story. We'll see if the incident comes back to haunt The Rub.

Lacy Tells Riley Her Secret

I couldn't figure out why Lacey felt so guilty about not telling Riley about Kyle's drunken comments. It made perfect sense that he was simply depressed, inebriated, and stressed. I didn't blame her for not taking him seriously at the time. You never expect one of your friends to ditch their family.

And as Linette told her in this classic The Client List quote

 What do you want me to say, darling? The pig's out of the barn. | permalink

Exactly. I know Lacey felt the need to come clean with her friend but in the end I didn't feel that the information made much difference.

However it did lead to some interesting flashbacks of Riley and Kyle's marriage. Apparently Kyle was unhappy for quite some time and walking out when he was stressed was a bit of a bad habit.  So much so that even when Kyle was around, Riley ended up calling Evan when she needed some one.

For some reason, prior to this episode I had assumed that Linette already owned the Curl Up & Dry but apparently I was wrong. There's no way she could handle Taylor as her boss. That kind of daily stress would kill her. Hopefully her loan comes through and she'll be able to buy the business but I'm sure running a small business won't be easy. I wonder if Riley will be dipping into the cash in her freezer to help her mom next.

The animosity between Riley and Selena continued to grow. I know Riley's upset because of the risks Selena's taking and how it could come back to haunt them all but was confronting her really worth it? She had to know Selena would only blow up at her and in the end it would change nothing.

When Selena told Riley…

 Stay as far away from me as possible. We give each other some space and hopefully we won't end up killing each other. | permalink

…it didn't seem like half bad advice.

Of course that was before she showed up as Evan's date.  Damn. Now that's going to be all sorts of trouble.

So do you think Evan will find out about Selena's extra curricular activities? Will Selena spill the beans on Riley? Absolutely no good comes from this scenario. How long can Riley keep The Client List her dirty little secret?

Life of Riley Review

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The Client List Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

What do you want me to say, darling? The pig's out of the barn.


It's a big, bad world. Do I need to tell you that?