Dallas Round Table: "The Last Hurrah"

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It was "The Last Hurrah" on this week's Dallas as Southfork was packed up and the final Ewing Barbecue kicked off, but the drama is far from over. 

Our Round Table team of Jim Garner, Dan Forcella, Sean McKenna, and Christine Orlando debate Christopher's methods for distancing himself from Elena and what whether Rebecca will come clean or continue the con.

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What was your favorite scene?

Jim:  Chris finally confiding in Bobby. It was a pretty cool father/son talk where Bobby was treating him like the man he is and Chris was finally honest about his fears.

Dan:  Stolen!  All of the Bobby/Christopher stuff was definitely my favorite as well Jim.  Nothing like Patrick Duffy laying down some wisdom for the youngsters.

Sean:  I agree with Jim about the father son talk. It was nice getting to see Bobby and Christopher have a real sit down about one of the big issues at hand.

Christine:  I'm going to have to break up this love fest and go with John Ross flirting with Elena out in the oil field.  They have some nice chemistry together and they have fun.  I even think he has some real feelings for her.  That scene was a nice change from all of the angst surrounding Christopher.

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Was Christopher handing Elena a check the right way to end their relationship?

Jim:  Hell no! That was the financial equivalent of "it's not you it's me" where he does  something mean and rude to make her hate him so he doesn't feel guilty. What a jack-wagon!  I don't think JR would even pull something that chickensh!t

Dan: Haha, no.  And act like that will actually end their professional OR personal relationship.  These two will be back in the saddle again within the next three episodes.

Sean:  No way. It was harsh and I know that Christopher is reeling from his emotional distress but Elena really didn't do anything wrong. He needs to make up for his mistake.

Christine:  I thought so much less of Christopher after that scene.  That he had to insult her rather than just man up and say he wasn't comfortable continuing their working relationship made me really angry.

Will Rebecca tell Christopher the truth?

Jim:  I think she has to at this point. She thinks John Ross is going to rat her out and her brother has hacked his computer. She has to pick a side.

Dan:  What a cliff hanger huh?  It seems like she has to, which is why I wouldn't be surprised at all if she comes up with some excuse at the very last second.  That's Dallas for ya!

Sean:  She should. It's better to hear it straight from the source than someone else. Although I'm sure he's not going to take it very well. Who would?

Christine:  I'm with Dan on this one.  Although it seems she's backed into a corner, it wouldn't surprise me if she can find a way to spin it to her advantage.

What piece of memorabilia would you like to see from the Southfork ranch?

Jim:  The logo/emblem from over the gates. Would be very cool to see.

Dan:  Don't know much about the estate, so I can't really answer.

Sean:  I don't think I'm well versed enough in the estate, but I've got a feeling that some nice easter eggs are placed through out the show.

Christine:  I keep wondering where is Jock's portrait?  I know they took it down when Clayton married Miss Ellie but it has to be somewhere. 

Should Sue Ellen give J.R. a second chance?

Jim:  No way she will when she learns he screwed his only son (and her son) out of his share of Southfork. Hell hath no fury like a Sue Ellen's wrath. Wait and see!

Dan:  Second?  I didn't watch the original, but I have to assume this would be more like a third, fourth, or fifth chance.  J.R. deserves no more chances with those he screwed over, but I'm sure he'll get a couple in the near future!  I can't wait!

Sean:  It's only human to give out second chances, but c'mon, this is J.R. were talking about. There's always something more, and most likely filled with a backstab, when it comes to this man with the plan. Just tread lightly, Sue Ellen.

Christine:  He certainly doesn't deserve it be J.R. has always been Sue Ellen's week spot.  It wouldn't surprise me at all if she fell under his spell yet again.

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