Drop Dead Diva Review: Arrivederci Roman Holiday, Hello LA

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When we last left Jane Bingum on Drop Dead Diva she had been betrayed by her best friend and was hopping a flight to Italy. In "Welcome Back," Jane and Owen are still on their Roman Holiday when Terri pops in to drag Jane back to her life in Los Angeles.

It seems that things at Harrison Parker have fallen by the wayside, with Kim Caswell acting as the managing partner in Parker's absence. Besides there's a lot waiting for Jane back in LA, including a heartbroken Fred, confused Grayson and apologetic Stacey. Oh yeah, and Kim Kardashian!

Kim Kardashian on Drop Dead Diva

As far as season premieres go, they are usually all about bringing us up to date with the characters. Since only three weeks is meant to have passed since we last saw everyone, you'd think there wouldn't be any major developments, but life really can change with the snap of a finger. Deb/Jane knows that all too well! And even Kardashian pointed that out when she poked fun at her real self while referencing a client who just got out of a "72 day marriage."

Sound familiar to anyone?

Ever since Stacey uttered to Grayson, "I'm not Deb, Jane is," on the season finale, Grayson's mind has clearly been spinning. Stacey tried to backpedal but it was too late; something had already clicked for Grayson. He knows he has feelings for Jane and even showed up to the airport with flowers to surprise her. Much to his dismay he didn't realize that Jane had been in Italy with her Judge beau, Owen French.

Didn't that moment remind you of Friends when Rachel tried to surprise Ross at the airport and then he got off the plane with his new girlfriend Julie? I was so sad for Grayson, but then again he's had three seasons to realize his feelings and Owen makes Jane really happy! That said, I don't see Grayson dropping his quest for answers anytime soon.

Onto the other lovelorn pair on Drop Dead Diva, when we left Fred he was about to propose to Stacey until Jane dropped the bomb about Stacey and Grayson kissing. Last seen at the airport, it turns out he didn't go very far, in fact I believe he made it out to Iowa? I don't know because his gushing about his new love story with his girlfriend had me a bit bored. Brokenhearted Stacey ended up at a juice bar seeking advice from relationship expert Nikki Lapree, played by Kardashian. From here on out, I'm only going to refer to her as Kim K. Sorry but I'm finding it impossible to type her name as anything else!

With Kim K's advice, Stacey opens up to Fred, he rejects her, then he opens up and she rejects him. It's all the usual dating and mating ritual until Fred really think he's lost her for good and thus lost his reason for being on earth and tells her his true identity as Jane's guardian angel. Apparently this is a loophole in the system and after Fred told the truth, he had to be sent back to heaven, or in reality- given a hiatus to work on Mad Men

With the loveable Fred on loan to the folks over at AMC, new "afterlife coach" Luke Daniel pops in. I have to say he's definitely easy on the eyes. He's also apparently very wealthy since he was able to help Harrison Parker out of their financial bind. 

The case on this week's episode is hardly worth mentioning. Basically Jane got played. I'm wondering if it's because she was still on cloud nine from her vacation and not as sharp as usual or if it was her alleged past relationship with the client. What do you all think? How did you feel about the premiere of Drop Dead Diva and the debut of Kim Kardashian? Hit the comments! 

Welcome Back Review

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I also heard that the firm is having financial problems and it's up to you to save us all. Must be like trying to save the Titanic.

Jane [to Kim]

I haven't stopped thinking about Jane since she left for Italy.