Franklin & Bash Review: Evicting Rock & Roll

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It's a party all the time at with Franklin & Bash - and although I liked "For Those About to Rock," it wasn't one of my favorites this season.

The highlight was definitely watching Jared on the bench in small claims court. The moment I saw him walk into the court room in the flowing black robe it felt like the world had shifted off its axis. No good could come of this.

Jared As Judge

Actually... some good did. Jared got to see things from the other side and may have realized that being the person who is responsible for making the decisions isn't always easy. 

However, he let that lawyer bully him.Yes, she had every right to ask for a verdict but he could have postponed until tomorrow and there wouldn't have been much she could do about it. I suppose it was just Jared's newbie status showing.

I didn't much care about Mazzani's, mostly because the people who ran it didn't seem overly concerned.The son appeared to be willing to move on and the father dropped off the face of the earth. Franklin & Bash were the only ones who gave a damn. I understand the place represented the history of rock and roll but it didn't hook me the way I thought it should.

Jared's father showed up representing the other side once again and I'm always confused whether he's there to mend fences or torment his son.  Perhaps it's a little of both. But Jared definitely has daddy issues as he told the old man in this Franklin & Bash quote

 I enjoy disappointing you. I'm good at it. | permalink

Ouch. No matter what he does, he never feels quite good enough.

It was nice to see Pindar finally make some progress whether it was because of or in spite of Dr. Lee. I only wished that we had met Dr. Lee before this episode. I think some build up to the big reveal that he's a fraud would have given us a better pay off. 

Pindar never even asked Megan what happened between her and Mr. Lee but I guess he didn't really want to know all the gory details. But who else can turn a first kiss into an e coli scare? Oh, Pindi. Perhaps you haven't come that far just yet.

Again, not a bad episode but not a stellar one. Since this season has set the bar high I'll hope for better next week. 

For Those About to Rock Review

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