Franklin & Bash Season Premiere Review: The Boys Are Back

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Franklin & Bash is back for season two with "Strange Brew," and you know what I've missed about this show? The fact that I laughed out loud from the very first scene.

How could you not chuckle as Jared floated suspended in the AquaCage holding his breath while Peter and the defendant argued over whether or not the busted lock should have been made in America?

Jared In the AquaCage

What other series would completely skip over the party and just show us the entertaining aftermath? A live peacock named Douglas on the end table, a number written on Peter's back? A killer hangover? And did we ever find out why Peter was wearing that much eyeliner? 

So this is going corporate for Franklin and Bash.

The two opening cases were both enjoyable. Robbie was an idiot and I was kind of glad the cop tazed him. He probably deserved it. And although I find it a little disturbing to think of Robbie as a teacher, he shouldn't have lost his job over a drunken beach party, especially since the only one he really hurt was himself.

Besides, it gave us the opportunity to see Peter in a gladiator costume slicked up with sunscreen. You can't go wrong with that. 

I'm even hoping Officer Whitney comes back to put Peter Bash in his place again. As he said himself in this Franklin & Bash quote:

Jared: You know what she made you?
Peter: Her bitch? | permalink

It might be fun to watch Peter go at it with someone who doesn't immediately fall for his charm.

On the flip side, Pacific Shore Beverages put the boys through their paces. I even found the sparring over the rules of the beverage contest interesting. Did contestants really have to sample all 44 beers? What was the contest? Who could remain standing?

It will be interesting to see how difficult the boys find it being partners. They really are more comfortable playing David to Goliath. The other way around doesn't suit them at all.

Speaking of becoming partners, when did Hanna become an enemy? Not that I ever thought she completely had their backs but they all seemed to work well together last season. But now she's conspiring with Damian to have them kicked out? Why not just not vote them in as partners and keep them as underlings? 

I didn't understand what Hanna's motives were and I'm hoping we find out more soon.

Finally, we had Pindar and his phobias, for which now that he has a kick ass insurance plan. Perhaps he can get some real treatment. Of course he did have all of those brain scans already. 

So are Pindar's issues really linked to some girl named Megan he met in college? Will we get to meet Megan some time this season? Does Pindar have any chance at a normal life?

How will Franklin and Bash fit in at the big boys table and were you happy to have them back for season two?

Strange Brew Review

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